Your journal should provide a summary of the content learned in

Your journal should provide a summary of the content learned in the corresponding week and include a thoughtful or insightful observation about how this would apply to your life. For example, if you choose to write on time management, I want you to include the following:

– A summary of what the topic is (e.g. time management)

– A brief overview of how it impacts you and what you might be doing well or could be doing better

– A few sentences outlining how you will work to use the things learning in SKLS 001 GD to improve your time management habits.

Students may choose to write on similar topics and/or weeks, and you may discuss this assignment with your peers, but I want your answers and reflections to be your unique experiences. If you have struggles coming up with content, please let me know and we can sit down to discuss this together.[supanova_question]

8 Pgs Adolescent Mental Health Issues and Trends – Literature Review

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Please write about 8-10 pages about adolescent mental health issues/ trends. What disorders are common, what ages, what genders, causes, everything about the mental health of youth please include any relevant information you think!

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