You wrote my previous essay, a reflection on “hell heaven” and

You wrote my previous essay, a reflection on “hell heaven” and did a good job but with some problems. I got an 86 on the paper, I will attach that paper below so that you can see what the professor liked and didn’t like. I believe you can get me a 90 score learning from the past, and that is why I specifically chose you to write this paper.

You should carefully read and follow every instruction, and also use the sample essay as a blueprint, I will include a sample essay. The essay got an A grade in a different reading response from the same professor. -The structure (Topic Sentence, Quote, Supporting Sentences) should be followed just like you see in the sample essay. Avoid general statements, the professor likes deep analysis.

I included all the books you will necessarily need to use to write the paper In pdf format, there are multiple titles you can use, You can choose any of the titles from the instruction page, whichever you feel you can write well.

Watch video answer question

Im going to PDF file you the instructions with the log in to my canvas. You have to watch 4 videos in the “Resources” section of Module 11 and answer 4 questions per video.

Then if you can respond to my classmates response like instructed in the directions 🙂

I’ll show my gratitude at the completion of this assignment . Thank you so much!!


of 2 books Essay

Language and Culture Assignment Help comparative analysis of the books To live. by Yu Hua. Anchor. and weep not,child by ngugi wa thiong’o. Penguin.

As a way for you to explore this topic, I would like you to choose two of the novels that we have read this semester and compare them analytically, attempting to arrive at your own answer to following question: how do key characters construct, find, or retain an identity in a changing world, and what is the basis for that identity? what have they gained? is there any hope for a successful adaptation to these changes or, in the works that we have read, is it indeed picture of disruption, alienation, and loss? using your analysis of your two novels, what, then, can you conclude? use this conclusion as your thesis statement and use the body of your essay to support persuasively your thesis, offering concrete textual evidence(examples, descriiptions,images,words,symbols,etc.) and rational arguments based on your evidence to support your thesis and assertions.[supanova_question]

a social issue that affects students

Homelessness in students and what I can do as a teacher to help those students prepare emotionally and physically to be able to learn in a school setting. Needs to have 4 sources, a citation page, and a personal reflection at the end. 5 pages total.[supanova_question]