You will be asked to write a 300-word Integrative abstract that

You will be asked to write a 300-word Integrative abstract that synthesizes the NEW article you were assigned for your Timed QALMRI with the corresponding assigned articles from WEEK 7. You should identify the key questions, findings and implications of the New article with the assigned Week 7 readings:

There are 4 articles to integrate for the Week 7 abstract:(these are the corresponding assigned articles) The NEW ARTICLE is attached to this email)

1) Dunham, Y., Baron, A. S., [supanova_question]

For this assignment, you will need to search the internet for

For this assignment, you will need to search the internet for technology based treatments used specifically for individuals with ASD. Specifically, identify and describe two to three different types of technology you found that are being used to treat individuals with ASD. Then, provide your opinion on whether you think the technology would be effective or not effective in treating individuals with ASD. Also, discuss whether you think parents should spend their money for the technology you discuss. Provide the link to the website discussing the technology.

This paper should be no more than two pages and should follow APA style format. There is no rubric for this assignment. The assignment is worth 50 points. Specifically, submit no more than a 2-page paper (double spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins, reference page does not count toward the 2 pages) paper. You will need to submit your assignment to me electronically in the “Submit Assignment”> “file upload” section of Canvas. Please do not send your assignment to my e-mail account. I will not read it or grade it. It will only be read and graded when submitted through the Submit Assignment process of Canvas.

All papers will be checked to determine if work from the original source is incorporated into the written portion of the annotated bibliography and passed off as original work. This check is done using TurnItIn SimCheck. TurnItIn SimCheck also checks your work against other student papers from current and prior courses.[supanova_question]

five personality inventory Essay

Psychology Assignment Help Read about the Big Five in your text, complete the Big Five Personality Inventory – l. and then post your comments about your experience taking it using the guidelines below.

Discuss your results on The Big Five – do you think these results are accurate? Why or why not? Provide 2-3 details from your life experience that support your reasoning.
Were you surprised by any of your results? If so, what was it about your results that surprised you?
How and why do you think culture influenced your personality/personality score?
What other perspectives in this lesson were you reminded of, and why? Choose at least two or three separate from anything you’ve used above. Make sure you accurately use (and bold) several of the key terms from the chapter below to support and explain your ideas (and show me you understand the terms by doing more than just giving a definition of them).
Once you’ve posted your initial response and reflection (of at least 150-250 words), read and reply, substantively and respectfully, to at least 2 of your peers’ responses.

id, ego, superego
defense mechanisms
inferiority complex
Horney’s coping strategies

Social Cognitive
reciprocal determinism
observational learning

ideal self
real self

Cultural Perspective
collectivistic culture
individualistic culture

Here are some tips on how to write a good discussion post. Make sure to cite all information that isn’t common knowledge (When to cite), include a reference section that includes all sources you used and cited from, and use proper APA style. Make sure you paraphrase properly (See here and here) or quote properly. Your text is a great place to see proper APA style–and as an example, here’s how your text should be listed in your reference section:

Spielman, R. M., Jenkins, W. J., [supanova_question]

This assignment will provide an opportunity for you to engage ideas Essay

This assignment will provide an opportunity for you to engage ideas about diversity and inclusion in ways that require higher-order thinking skills. In so doing, you will:

increase your awareness of any implicit biases regarding race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and/or religion;
deepen the level of your engagement regarding issues of diversity;
recognize and respect the complexity of socio-cultural diversity and individual differences;
recognize, compare, and apply the core domains of psychology; and
recognize the value of psychology in professional and personal domains.

Review the theories and terms you have learned in this lesson, not only to write a good post, but also to help you understand your results and reactions. Include terms, definitions, and paraphrases from the reading material to explain and support your ideas; be sure to put these terms in bold.

Finally, once you have completed your initial post of 250-300 words, read and respond substantively to at least 2 of your peers. I must approve all responses before they can be released on the discussion board for other students to view and reply to. If you are unable to see your post or any peer responses within 24 hours after your first post, then please email me for assistance immediately.

IMPORTANT I have added my results from the IAT quiz I took so please base this discussion off of that.