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You are to read an academic article from Don Marquis titled Essay

You are to read an academic article from Don Marquis titled Why Abortion is Immoral.

After reading this piece, write a one to two-page reflection. Make sure to reference directly from the text.

double space, 12 pt Times New Roman, no more that 2

double space, 12 pt Times New Roman, no more that 2 pages
Should automony for prisoners be equal?
Whichever side is chosen needs to have an ethical argument and a counterargument.
if empirical claims are made, there needs to be peer reviewed sources to back them up.
Clear thesis need to be stated in the introduction like “I will argue that…”
reference page

Martin Heidegger’s concept of ‘Gestell’ claim that it is too totalizing. Do you agree or disagree? Make an argument by close reading Heidegger’s text(s) and at least one other course text from the first five weeks.

Philosophy Assignment Help Your answers should demonstrate serious, ongoing engagement with course themes. Each answer should be 600-750 words.
The questions are not simply about retention and regurgitation. They are about thinking. Each invites you to use course themes and texts to reflect, synthesize, and theorize. Superior answers will show an ability to move beyond rehashing ideas from readings and lectures and will instead show creative, critical, and independent thought. Do more than generalize or opine. We are looking for arguments, not assertions. Be as specific and precise in your answers as possible. Stay within the course (unless asked to find an external example). Refer to course texts and cite accordingly (author, title, page number is fine). Do not plagiarize from online sources; any paper found to be over-reliant on such sources will receive an F. Make sure to proofread your answers for spelling and grammar.

This will be a two-page double spaced paper. In this paper, Essay

This will be a two-page double spaced paper. In this paper, you will argue for a thesis directly related to one of the topics in our course – Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, or Philosophy of mind.

You MUST include an introduction that captures the essence of what your paper is going to be about. It should be one short paragraph. In the introduction, you need to say in about one sentence EXACTLY what you will be arguing for. For example, “in this paper I argue that Aristotle was wrong about external goods being required for the good life.”

Next, in the first body paragraph, you will give an account of what has been said on your topic already. You must provide at least three different scholarly references (I do not care which citation style you use – pick one and be consistent about it). For example, if your paper is on external goods in Aristotle – discuss what people who work on Aristotle have said about external goods. DO NOT merely pull from online, unless it is an philosopher who works on that topic or unless it is a published paper or book that has been officially peer reviewed.

In the next body paragraph, you need to disagree with what has been said already or say why you think someone is right and others are wrong. Here, give your own opinion.

After that, develop your position. Say why you think your position is correct. Give evidence, make arguments, consider a quick counter example and reply to it.

Finally, conclude your paper with a short summary of the main points of your paper.

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