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In addition to having various certifications to work in the aviation industry, you need to be knowledgeable in relations to Code of Federal Air Regulations (CFR) Title 49, subtitle B Chapter XII Sub-chapter C part 1542.
For this assignment you need to research the below requirements. Then using APA format, write a paragraph for each listed area using your own words to indicate or describe what each section wants or requires and how each would be accomplished.
Please be sure to include the links you used to identify and gather this information.
A. Part 1542 Airport Security
1542.101 General Requirements
1542.113 Airport Tenant security programs
1542.201, Security of the secured area
1542.203, Security of the air operations area (AOA)
1542.205, Security of the security identification display area (SIDA)
1542.207 Access control systems
1542.303 Security Directives and Information Circulars
1542.307 Incident management
B.Elements of the Airport Certification Manual as required by FAR 139.

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