Write a summary analyzing the official response to an incident (natural

Write a summary analyzing the official response to an incident (natural or manmade) involving Critical Infrastructure in the United States. The incident should be one which has occurred within the past five (5) years. Describe the response, including agencies and levels of government involved. Discuss the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of the coordination and cooperation among federal, state, regional, local, tribal and territorial levels, and the private sector, as applicable. Describe the roles and responsibilities of the various agencies as well as any applicable laws, regulations and/or critical infrastructure protection policies. Support your discussion and analysis with authoritative, credible resources.

All submissions must include the following technical components:

A cover or title page.

Labeled topical headings (e.g., Introduction, Literature Review, Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendations, etc.)

Length: The report must contain a body of text of about 750 words (about 3 pages double-spaced, 12 point font), excluding cover, abstract, illustrations, graphs, table of contents, appendices, and reference pages. Reports significantly below or above the parameters will be downgraded. Please note that abstract, illustrations, graphs, table of contents, appendices are NOT required but if you do use them, they do not count as part of the body of text for length assessment.

A reference page containing a minimum of three (3) course-external resources used and cited in the report. References cited at the end of the report must be cited in text to illustrate how they were used.

Written in APA Style.

References available:

* Fisher, R., Norman, M., [supanova_question]

Communications Question

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Define and describe the public health issue.
Describe the population that is affected by the health problem.
Include the data and trends you have identified. Make sure to include statistics of how many people are affected or who are at greatest risk by including incidence and prevalence rates.
Explain the reasons why the health problem exists.
What are the risk factors? Is it caused by environmental, hereditary, or dietary factors?
List the Topic Area(s) and CORE Objective(s) in Healthy People 2030that are related to the health problem you have selected.
Make sure to include the baseline and the target for the CORE objectiveyou selected. (Note: the health problem might be related to several focus areas and objectives.)
Describe the community effort OR health intervention strategies which contributed to the success. You might want to re-watch the webcast you have selected.
You are required to discuss at least one article from a peer-review journalthat shows how the community effort was achieved. I strongly recommend you visit the evidence-based resources for the selected objective on Healthy People 2030 website.
You are expected to answer questions by including a description of the (a) study participants, (b) the materials, (c) the study design, (d) the study procedures, (e) the measurement and analysis, (f) the results, and (g) the conclusions.

Describe the three most important learning you will take with you in the future.
You are expected to incorporate what you have learned from this course in your discussions.
List all references
Make sure your in-text citations and list of references all follow the APA style (7th edition).
Submission Requirement
1. Your final project in a WORD file (i.e., First_Lastname.doc).
2. At least ONE article you cited in your final paper (i.e., First_Lastname_article1.pdf; First_Lastname_article2.pdf, etc). Please make every effort to select the article(s) that best described the innovative approach conducted in that State or the community.

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