Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper in which you select one

Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper in which you select one scenario from the Risk Identification Scenarios Worksheet and do the following:
• Define the risk management process.
• Explain the role of risk management in the project planning process.
• Describe at least 2 risks and their sources for the selected scenario.
• Outline how risk management may mitigate the risks for each risk listed.
• Explain how you would document the risk.

Risk Scenario- A construction company has been awarded the contract to build a pipeline in Alaska. The project timeline is of the highest priority because work can only be completed during the summer months due to adverse weather conditions. One of the suppliers of a key component has a longer lead time than is required to complete the pipeline, but may be able to deliver if the construction company will pay fees to expedite. There are other suppliers, but these suppliers are not on the construction company’s approved supplier list and it would take time to get them approved. There is a huge penalty in the contract if the project is not completed on time.[supanova_question]

The final part of your project is to deliver a presentation

The final part of your project is to deliver a presentation on your new idea to your boss and senior leadership. You have all the research from your weekly submissions and now all you have to do is create a PowerPoint® presentation on your research.

Your presentation should be at a minimum, six slides and include approximately 4–6 bullets per slide. Be sure to include a reference slide to show your research, and at a minimum, six scholarly sources. Include graphics or animations to enhance your presentation. Again, try to convince your boss and senior leadership your idea is needed and create a visually appealing presentation.[supanova_question]

the instructions for both Part A and Part B, pick your own topic for part b.

Management Assignment Help Please follow the instructions and rubric attached, there are some “frequent Q[supanova_question]

Project: Part 3 – Organizing and Staffing

The next two functions of management to address are Organizing and Staffing. For these functions, it is important to understand the company’s organizational structure and each departments responsibility to ensure the company has the right resources for your idea.

Knowing the job positions and responsibilities of your chosen company will help you know if you have the talent within your company to execute your new idea. Using the template provided and a minimum of two new scholarly resources than previously used, you will present a breakdown of the following:

First, create an organization chart (Org. chart) of your chosen company. Then, write an essay in at least 250 words on the following prompts:

Summarize the groups/departments you envision that are needed for your “new idea”. You can propose new staffing positions if applicable.
Identify and explain if your company has the resources available or would possible outsourcing be an option?
Be sure to list the main resources you will need.
Outline and describe the approximate cost associated with the implementation of your idea and how this will potentially affect the company’s bottom line (profits/revenue).