Topic: Respond to Zinsser Section IV titled “Attitudes.” Zinsser and Your Essay

Topic: Respond to Zinsser Section IV titled “Attitudes.”
Zinsser and Your Writing (“On Writing Well” by William Zinsser) 300 page book. After you have read Section IV of our Zinsser text titled “Attitudes,” respond to the following:

Reflect on the observations Zinsser makes that impresses you as being most relevant and important to you as a student and as a writer.
Cite specific passages from the text to support your points, following current APA format. Use analysis and critical thinking in no fewer than 300 words using conventional English[supanova_question]

for Stabilization in the Middle East

Independent Study: Students come into this course with varying backgrounds in the
various topics associated with the role business can play in conflict zones. Thus, the academic
portion of this course is structured to be flexible enough to adapt to each student’s needs and
interests. Students create a reading list from the “Required” and
“Recommended” readings. These readings serve as the foundation for their independent study.
Students choose readings from the “Recommended Reading Choices” list based on their
interests. Substitutions are encouraged with the permission of the professor. These readings
will serve as the basis for the final paper that ties together the above experiential, vicarious and
independent learning accomplished in the course. Students choose one main topic within each
of the four listed below. They then develop a hypothesis and drill down to substantiate it. Their
paper is to be both balanced and convincing.
Each student’s independent study is to be on one of the four course topics:
1. MNC’S
3. ENTREPRENEURSHIP (from start-ups to SME’s)

Students choose from the list below to support their independent study. Student
additions to the list are invited with approval by Instructor.
? “Peace through Entrepreneurship: Investing in a Startup Culture for Security and
Development” by Steven R. Koltai (with Matthew Muspratt), Brookings Institution Press,
? “Startup Rising: The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East” by
Christopher M. Schroeder, Palgrave MacMillan
? Conflictive and Extractives—Extractives Hub
? Pioneers on the Frontier: Sub Saharan Africa’s Multinational Corporations, Initiative for
Global Development and the Dalberg Global Development Advisors
? “How Impact Investment Can Reach the Mainstream” by Jonathan Godsall and Aditya
Sanghvi, McKinsey.
? “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” by C. K. Prahalad
? “Why Entrepreneurs Will Beat Multinationals to the Bottom of the Pyramid” by Paul Polak
and Mal Warwick,
? “Is corporate social responsibility profitable for companies?” By Floyd Whaley

1.Understand the role that business, in a variety of forms, can and does play in the stabilization and
peace processes.
2. Develop written business communication skills.

USE STEVEN KOLTAI READING[supanova_question]

Please see the following rough draft for the business plan. The

Business Assignment Help Please see the following rough draft for the business plan.
The company is established in Italy, and we are trying to expand the business in Italy
**Overall, if you can focus onto Promotion and prices section, including a business analyst. Also, expand more information in the section about promotion and pricing. We are establishing in Italy, not China. Also include some information with Space 23.**

Vision statement: At Speedy Pro diversity, equity, and inclusion are at

Vision statement:

At Speedy Pro diversity, equity, and inclusion are at our core of who we are now, and where we are going. We value employees from all walks of life and encourage their experiences to make Speedy Pro the Family it is. Here at Speedy Pro, we want to cultivate a culture for everyone to grow with us.


Goal #1

S- Promote the Speedy Pro brand through a diverse, impartial and inclusive culture.

M- Foster the skills and talent from within the Speed Pro company at a rate of 85% through advancements and promotion opportunities.

A- Speedy Pro will provide adequate training opportunities for all employees in order to enhance their marketability for promotions and increased responsibilities.

R- Human Resources will provide oversight of the recruiting and retention to ensure hiring programs properly support the talent and skills required for all positions. HR will continue to adjust the program to maximize the potential for increased in-house promotions based on Talent Management Program.

T- HR will review Talent Management Program, Retention Program, and Hiring Program quarterly.

Goal #2

S- To hire a diverse group of individuals that are qualified.

M- Increase the diversity at Speedy Pro by at least 15 % a year for the next 4 years

A- The employees will be qualified

R- To achieve this goal HR will review demographics of employees

T- Management will review demographics of employees at least twice a year.

Part 2- Implementation

We will each work on our own section of this part (which we have assigned) and this is what we will individually submit this week to Turnitin. We are also asking to have it submitted to turnitin by Saturday and once you submit your portion if you can also add it to the files section so that we can all see what you have written. Please see below for each of your sections.

What barriers and obstacles do you anticipate and how do you plan to overcome them? (Note: Research will provide some resources for this item) Lou will be responsible for this[supanova_question]