Together by Renee Watson

I have copy/pasted the instructions to my assignment down below. This assignment is over the book “Piecing Me Together” by Renee Watson. I will attach the template that is to be filled out for the “During Reading” portion of the assignment.

During Reading
For this text, you will complete a double-entry journal. You can find a simple explanation of double-entry journals here: This is a common strategy used in schools from early childhood through college. For the purposes of this assignment, I’ve actually created a “triple-entry” journal since I added an additional column for diversity (see the template, which is included in a separate document).

Throughout your reading, you will stop and record your reactions, thoughts, questions, connections, etc. 5-7 times. Consider aspects of culture we have discussed so far in class: surface/deep culture, ethnocentrism, privilege, unearned advantages, equity, social justice, and English Language Learners. In the far left column, include a couple of sentences from the text (enough so that I get the gist of what you are referencing), including page numbers. In the center column, include the aspect of culture you will be discussing. In the far right column, share your reactions, thoughts, questions, connections, etc. A short paragraph is plenty (keep it concise). The right column should be your aesthetic (personal) response to the text, not a summary of what you read. I know you are all reading the texts, so I do not need summaries. I am more interested in how you are connecting to the text. Share your personal responses and “aha” moments.

After Reading
In a short paragraph, share your overall impressions of this text. You may consider reflecting on some of the following types of questions: 1) What did you think of the text as a whole? Was it what you expected or were you surprised? 2) What new information did you learn about culture? 3) How did the text change you as a teacher or how will it impact your teaching? 4) Is this a text you would recommend to a friend or a fellow teacher? 5) What will you remember most about this text? Is there something (or someone) that particularly stands out as something(one) you will remember?

Point Distribution:
I. During Reading: 35 points
II. After Reading: 15 points
5 pts reserved for Professionalism [organization; spelling; grammar, proof reading etc.]
Total pts: 50
This assignment should be 14 point font and a maximum of 3 pages.

Asian American Communities Essay

What is your topic and why are you interested in it?
What sources are you going to use in your paper?
How is your paper connected to our class discussions?
What is your main point?
*Possible topics:
Asian Americans and…..
….politics, Black Lives Matter, Covid-19 Pandemic, Education, Deportation, Dream Act, Undocumented, Gender/Sexuality/Family, Organizations, advocacy, enclaves, events…[supanova_question]

Succinctly answer each of the questions below. Responses should include appropriate

Religion and Theology Assignment Help Succinctly answer each of the questions below. Responses should include appropriate citations and references in APA format to support your views. Your completed exam should not exceed 700 words.
1. The military has been a leader in the area of selection and classification of new recruits. Additionally, the military has focused on cultural and gender diversity. Describe how the military has used selection and classification procedures to facilitate and enhance cultural and gender diversity in the military. Provide examples either from your own experience or from the news media where selection and classification can be used to increase cultural diversity.
2. Leadership training in the military has taken several approaches. Regardless of the leadership training approach, leaders must be able to successfully guide teams to complete the mission. Discuss how teamwork and teamwork training can inform the selection and training of leaders in the military. Include in your discussion examples of positive and negative impact of leadership skills on teamwork from your own professional experience.
3. Some soldiers and researchers have declared that sexual assaults in the military are at epidemic proportions. Describe the current situation in the military based on the two PBS videos, “Military Sexual Trauma” and “Rape in the Military.” Discuss what the military is doing to overcome this problem and identify recent sources that indicate what progress has been made.
In your responses, you should:
Cite sources and references appropriately using APA format.
Integrate the material from diverse sources including several chapters from the text as well as scholarly sources and media outlets.
Incorporate your professional and/or personal experiences for the first two questions.[supanova_question]

hearing aid management in the elderly

Attached you will find part of my thesis chapter 1 [supanova_question]