Time Study and Work Sampling – Working Analysis (Industrial Engineering)

ISYE 310 – Work Sampling Lab
Flip four coins and flip them all at once (this is a single measurement).Use something like https://www.random.org/coins/ ,Actual coins are too noisy and distracting
Repeat the flips for a total of 10.Record the number of heads (0 through 4) and plot.
Repeat 1 and 2 above a total of 10 times. This should give you a total of 100 flips. Plot the resulting 100 flips on one graph (as though they were one sample).
Compare the 10 separate distributions to one another and then compare to the larger single distribution.
Comment on the differences in the distributions and the similarity of the larger distribution to the normal.
For each of the 10 sets of distributions (treating each set as a separate measurement set), calculate percentage of times 1 or fewer heads appears).Use this value (e.g., about 31% over the long run? Ask yourself if and why this is correct?) as your estimated p value.
Calculate the number of observations needed to be 95% confident that the true probability is within plus/minus 2 points of the estimated value.
If you could only take 1000 observations, how confident would you be at the same limit of error?
If you could only take 1000 observations and needed to be 95% confident, what would be the resulting limit of error and range of values?
Submit data, graphs, and answers to all questions by next week.

Industrial Fire Safety

Please make the 3 tasks on a single document. look at the World Microsoft file for more file about the assignment
Task 1
Begin by reading through NFPA 652, NFPA 654, and NFPA 664. Summarize in a few paragraphs the purpose and basic outline of what these standards do. Write up your summaries in such a way for inclusion in your final report as if you had to explain the purpose of the code to non-technical business decision makers.
Task 2
Identify the fire and dust explosion hazards in the process. This is where creativity and the NFPA standards (Hint: there are examples in NFPA 652) can guide you. Think about the different portions of the systems and where something can go wrong. For example, in the wood cutting machine, there exists a possible dust explosion hazard as the dust continues to build up. Additionally, if there is a steady stream of wood going into the machine, where is it coming from? Where is the wood stored, and are there means to ignite this fuel load? As another example to think about, how is power provided in these settings? Etc.

Task 3
Analyze the hazards you develop in the context of the expected severity if the hazard occurs versus the probability of the hazard occurring. For this Task, develop a risk matrix following the definitions outlined in the risk matrix PDF, which is based on a Department of Defense document, MIL-STD-882E 2012 SYSTEM SAFETY for assigning risk in the military (refer to the one page Risk Matrix PDF). To build the matrix for your report, do the following for each hazard you identify:

Engineering Question

Time Study and Work Sampling – Working Analysis (Industrial Engineering) Engineering Assignment Help 1)For this assignment you’ll set up your own Bitcoin wallet. Follow the instructions in the video (this week’s required activity). After you create your wallet, go to the Receive screen and take a screen shot that includes YOUR Bitcoin URI and Address.
To complete and submit the assignment, paste your screen shot into a MS Word document and upload that document (Attach File) to show that you’ve created a wallet.
Note that you must create your own wallet and submit a screen shot with YOUR Bitcoin URI and YOUR address.
2)500 words
You installed and set up a Bitcoin Wallet this week. Do you plan to use your wallet to buy or sell merchandise or services? If so, what do you plan to do with your Bitcoin? If not, describe why you don’t want to use Bitcoin. Will your plans change in the future?

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on existing subway tunnels induced by multiline tunneling in Shanghai soft soil

Hello. I have ordered 2 pages (6 paragraphs) where I need your help on describing the different ways that subway tunnels (with an emphasis to Shanghai’s multiline subway tunneling) is related to geotechnical engineering. For example in one of the paragraphs you can talk about soil pressure, or the porosity of the soil, or the type of soil, each paragraph should briefly describe how it relates to it and the importance in real life (why should we care about it in other words). I have already completed a few paragraphs and I have attached the file below, this should provide you with a good example of how I want the paragraphs to be. Basically, all you have to do it continue with the document by adding 2 more pages (6 paragraphs = 6 slides). Please make sure that each paragraph has a title. Also, Please try to use a very few references (2-3) if no references at all. This should an explanatory paper/presentation. I basically want your experience to be present. For example if a student came to you and asked you how are subway tunnels are associated to geotechnical engineering, what are the components we should be careful and why? How will you explain it to him (as clear as possible) to make him understand based on your experience? That is the goal for this paper. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thank you for helping me out.[supanova_question]