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This assignment will consist of a quantitative article critique with a

This assignment will consist of a quantitative article critique with a focus on the methods, statistics, analysis and interpretation. It will be important to analyze and evaluate the article not just summarize – for example it is not enough to say the sample size was adequate. You should state the sample size and state why you know it was adequate. Do NOT cut/paste from the article- this is YOUR interpretation and analysis of the article. If you use Polit or another source to substantiate your comment, then reference the source. Do not include quotes in the critique.

***Write your critique directly into the rubric. Do not do it in paragraph form.

The article critique is titled: Self-efficacy and Knowledge of Nurse Practitioners to Prevent Pediatric Obesity

** Use form appendix pdf to evaluate critique

I will also attach a sample critique with the article ** Surgical Patient Satisfaction as an Outcome of Nurses’ Caring Behaviors: A Descriiptive and Correlational Study in Six European Countries** for reference only

Question answer formatting/ not like an essay. BE SURE TO USE

In preparation for your Community Assessment, answer the following questions and consider these when completing your paper.

1. Nurses incorporate questions about driving to identify the need for a more comprehensive assessment. What questions would you ask?

2. What are some common risk factors that can affect driving?

3. What are some common referrals related to driving safety?

4. How will this fit with the older adult community assessment paper?

5. Cite your reference using APA format

Carol A. Miller Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults

Chapter 16: Hearing

Chapter 17: Vision

Chapter 19: Urinary Function

Chapter 20: Cardiovascular Function

Chapter 21: Respiratory Function

Chapter 23: Integumentary Function

Interprofessional Organization week 9

Nursing Assignment Help Clearly, diagnosis is a critical aspect of healthcare. However, the ultimate purpose of a diagnosis is the development and application of a series of treatments or protocols. Isolated recognition of a health issue does little to resolve it.
In this module’s Discussion, you applied the Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory to diagnose potential problems with the civility of your organization. In this Portfolio Assignment, you will continue to analyze the results and apply published research to the development of a proposed treatment for any issues uncovered by the assessment.
To Prepare:
Review the Resources and examine the Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory, found on page 20 of Clark (2015).
Review the Work Environment Assessment Template.
Reflect on the output of your Discussion post regarding your evaluation of workplace civility and the feedback received from colleagues.
Select and review one or more of the following articles found in the Resources:Clark, Olender, Cardoni, and Kenski (2011)
Clark (2018)
Clark (2015)
Griffin and Clark (2014)

The Assignment (3-6 pages total):
Part 1: Work Environment Assessment (1-2 pages)
Review the Work Environment Assessment Template you completed for this Module’s Discussion.
Describe the results of the Work Environment Assessment you completed on your workplace.
Identify two things that surprised you about the results and one idea you believed prior to conducting the Assessment that was confirmed.
Explain what the results of the Assessment suggest about the health and civility of your workplace.
Part 2: Reviewing the Literature (1-2 pages)
Briefly describe the theory or concept presented in the article(s) you selected.
Explain how the theory or concept presented in the article(s) relates to the results of your Work Environment Assessment.
Explain how your organization could apply the theory highlighted in your selected article(s) to improve organizational health and/or create stronger work teams. Be specific and provide examples.
Part 3: Evidence-Based Strategies to Create High-Performance Interprofessional Teams (1–2 pages)
Recommend at least two strategies, supported in the literature, that can be implemented to address any shortcomings revealed in your Work Environment Assessment.
Recommend at least two strategies that can be implemented to bolster successful practices revealed in your Work Environment Assessment.

Video Case Presentation 1

You will also create a focused SOAP note PowerPoint presentation. SOAP is an acronym that stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. The episodic SOAP note is to be written using the attached template below.
S =Subjective data: Patient’s Chief Complaint (CC); History of the Present Illness (HPI)/ Demographics; History of the Present Illness (HPI) that includes the presenting problem and the 8 dimensions of the problem (OLDCARTS or PQRST); Review of Systems (ROS). O =Objective data: Medications; Allergies; Past medical history; Family history; Past surgical history; Social history; Labs and screening tools; Vital signs; Physical exam, (Focused), and Mental Status ExamA =Assessment: Primary Diagnosis and two differential diagnosis including ICD-10 and DSM5 codesP =Plan: Pharmacologic and Non-pharmacologic treatment plan; Follow up plan, diagnostic testing/screening tools, and follow upOther:?Incorporate current clinical guidelines (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) research articles and the role of the PMHNP in your presentation
Submission Instructions:
The presentation is original work and logically organized,?formatted, and cited in the current APA style, including citation of references.
The presentation should consist of 10-15 slides?
Incorporate a minimum of four current (published within the last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions) within your work. Journal articles and books should be referenced according to APA style, 7th Edition (the library has a copy of the APA Manual).

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