Thesis Title: An Explorative Study of Process Innovation in a Manufacturing Company

Thesis Title:

An Explorative Study of Process Innovation in a Manufacturing Company

Thesis Background:

This thesis is based on a case study of a manufacturing company. The main topic of the thesis is process innovation. The company have two main departments, Advanced Development Dept. and the Operations Dept.

Advanced Development Dept. are responsible for developing existing and new manufacturing processes to support new products. When the development of the manufacturing processes are complete then the Advanced Development dept. hand over the manufacturing process to the Operations Dept. The Operations Dept. are responsible for the day to day production of the products and continuously improving the manufacturing processes over time.

The purpose of this research is to understand the extent of perceptions of innovation and the corresponding impacts that they may have on the development of manufacturing processes to support new products.

This research is beneficial, as ensuring a thorough understanding of the perceptions of innovation by both Advanced Development Dept. and Operations Dept. could present opportunities to the company to improve the development of manufacturing processes for new products and ensure the company is innovative, now and in the future. Also, this research will help identify the effectiveness of process innovation from two different departments which are inherently linked to the same business objectives of delivering new products to customers. Any further understanding of theses perspectives can only exhibit positive outcomes for the business regarding process innovation.

Main authors used in literature review;

Oslo Manual

Utterback and Abernathy



Main topics in literature review;

Process Innovation

Process Innovation and People

Process Innovation and Organisational Performance

Process Innovation Tools

Process and Product Innovation Relationship

Process Innovation Framework

Research Methodology Requirements:

The principal purpose of the Research Methodology chapter is to provide enough detail that a competent research worker can replicate your study. The section on methodology also allows your research to be validated. Careful writing of this section is critically important because the cornerstone of the scientific method in research requires that your results, to be of scientific value, must be reproducible, you must provide the basis for repetition of the research procedures by others.

This chapter is about your research method not your findings. As such, do not make the mistake of mixing some of the research findings in this chapter. In summary, there is only one rule for a properly written research methodology chapter: enough information must be given so that the research could be reproduced by another competent research worker and judgment made regarding the validity of your work.

A proposed outline for the Research Methodology chapter is as follows

Introduction – Outlines what is contained in this chapter

Research Question – States clearly and succinctly the research question. The research question represents the broad area of study. This is then translated into measurable individual questions or hypotheses.

Appropriate Research Methods – Outlines and discusses the research methods that could potentially be used given the research question that has been asked.

Choosing a Research Method – Discusses and argues why you have chosen a particular research method over another one.

Detailed Description of the Research Method used. – Sets out in detail how you carried out your research using the chosen research method. For example if it is a survey, it explains; who the questionnaire was sent to, how these people were chosen, how the questionnaire was administered, the structure of the questionnaire, and a check for non-response bias.

Limitations – What are the limitations inherent in the research method that you chose and how you applied it.

Conclusion – Provides a summary of the main arguments in this chapter.

Items to consider in Research Methodology:

Research Onion

Data Collection Method:

I want to collect data from a sample of the population, i.e. collect data from a sample of the population of Advanced Development and Operations Department.

Qualitative and Quantitative

I want to use the following Questionnaire Approach, possible with rated answers e.g. rate from 1 to 5

I want to also use the following interview approach

In the research methodology chapter, the writer include the questionnaire and interview questions based on relevant research methodologies associated with process innovation.

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Important Resource

Research Methods for Business Students by Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis and Adrian Thornhill,