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The purpose of this essay is to provide an opportunity to Essay

The purpose of this essay is to provide an opportunity to examine the applicability of translation science theories and models to all phases of a practice change project with an emphasis on sustainability of the evidence-based intervention beyond implementation.


Reflect on the practice problem of obesity as you consider possible solutions and address the following:

Select the translation science theories or models introduced of i-PARIHS Theory.
Determine one sustainability strategy found in your selected translation science theory or model. Describe how the specific sustainability strategy supports sustainability of the evidence-based intervention beyond the implementation phase of a practice change project.

Course Outcomes

This discussion enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

Justify the use of translation science theory when designing, implementing, and evaluating a practice change project.

i-PARIHS is a revision of the original PARIHS framework. In the revised i-PARIHS framework, successful implementation is primarily specified in terms of the achievement of implementation goals and results from the facilitation of an innovation with the recipients in their (local, organizational, and health system) context. The core constructs are facilitation, innovation, recipients, and context, with facilitation represented as the active element assessing, aligning, and integrating the other three constructs (Harvey

3-1 Short Paper: Joint Commission Standards and Dashboards

Please see attached documents.

Dashboards are data visualizations that healthcare organizations use to measure and analyze data. The Joint Commission (E-dition) sets standards for healthcare quality and safety. One set of standards The Joint Commission created is the National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG), which are designed for different facilities and are critical to maintaining accreditation. In this assignment, you will explore the NPSG standards related to patient identification, which states facilities will use at least two patient identifiers before procedures.This assignment will help prepare you for your course project through the analysis of data, dashboards, and industry standards.Please note: The Joint Commission standards you have access to are the standards for acute care facilities and not long-term care. In this assignment, the standards for patient identification are the same for acute care and long-term care facilities.Prompt

Examine the dashboard for ABC Residential Center, which is a long-term care center. Analyze the facility metrics against the national benchmarks and address the following areas. Provide at least two scholarly sources to support your claims.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:Insights from dashboards: Describe how the data in the dashboard could be used by ABC Residential Center to find insights related to their operations or quality of care.Dashboard techniques: Discuss what visualization techniques (such as using charts and graphs; color coding the data red, yellow, and green; and combining multiple sets of data into one graph) were used by the dashboard to provide a quick, visual way to understand the data presented, and if there are additional techniques you would recommend for the dashboard to use to make the data easier and quicker to understand.Determining benchmarks: Determine a benchmark for patient identification for ABC (you should review the NPSG standards).Defend selection: Provide a rationale for your selection of a benchmark.If you chose a benchmark less than 100%, how would you defend that benchmark to the public?Meeting the benchmark: Analyze the data in the dashboard to determine if ABC is meeting the benchmark.Implications: Discuss the implications of not meeting the benchmark.Justify creating a quality improvement initiative: Justify the creation of a quality improvement initiative using the dashboard and NPSG standards if ABC is not meeting the benchmark (you don’t need to create the quality improvement initiative, rather you need to justify the need for one to meet the benchmark if it is not being met).

Impacts and Effects of Covid 19 pandemic on Individuals quality of life during the lockdown

Religion and Theology Assignment Help Writing a research proposal for empirical research

1500 words (tables, figures, appendices and reference list NOT included in the word count)Overall Infull


Research Question

The first paragraph of your assignment this week should introduce your topic and why it should be studied. Within this paragraph, you will want to share prevalence information (cite any statistics you use) and any other information about why your topic should be researched (why is it an issue?). This beginning paragraph should begin to demonstrate the synthesis process (use of multiple resources).

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