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The paper proposal should introduce your topic and how it figures Essay

The paper proposal should introduce your topic and how it figures into the larger issues of our class. You may want to address some of the source materials we have engaged with in class or themes we have read (or will read) in contextualizing your own research project.

Be careful in citing texts within your paper and always reference arguments which are not your own – whether you paraphrase ideas or quote word for word references.

In addition to the paper discussion, please provide an annotated bibliography. The bibliography should include both primary and secondary sources.

For the bibliography, at least 4-5 secondary sources and 1-3 primary sources would be good. Some of you will rely principally on one primary source (oral history, memoir, newspaper articles, political speeches, biographies, film, novels, short stories, etc.); others of you will engage with several. It will depend on the nature of your topic. Provide the publishing information for each source (author, title, city of publication, publishing house, year of publication) and a brief descriiption (1-2 sentences) of why each source will be important for your paper.

the Middle East: The Kurdish Experience

Teacher Instructions: Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the Middle East without a state. The Kurdish Women’s Stories is a collection of the Kurdish women’s experiences in different states in the region. Despite differences between their social, economic, and cultural backgrounds, statelessness had a significant impact on the lives of Kurds throughout the region. How has the shared experience of statelessness affected Kurdish women’s lives? Please discuss referring mainly to the Kurdish Women’s Stories and other relevant readings assigned for this class. No outside sources.

Please make sure that your analysis is based on an analytical and critical examination of the readings.
Your essay needs to have a solid introduction describing the context within which these documents were created.
Your essay needs to be concrete in referring to specific sections of the readings and giving specific examples to support your arguments. Please avoid making vague statements without due evidence.

Expectations: The teacher wants us to specifically use the sources provided in the descriiption along with clear evidence to support any claims in the essay. Using mainly the source (Houzan Mahmoud, Kurdish Women’s Stories ?Pluto Press.) along with (Mesut Yegen, (1999). The Kurdish Question in Turkish State Discourse. Journal of Contemporary 34(4), 555–68.) My teacher is very critical of using these sources as well as using evidence for the critical analysis paper. The essay needs to present a coherent argument supported by evidence from these readings. The essay has to be based on those readings and sources need to be cited in Chicago style footnotes as well. Answering the prompt in the best critical and analytical way. I have also attached the actual prompt from the teacher as well as the sources needed for the essay.

Answer Each Question in 350-500words — summarize content, examine evidence, suggest

History Assignment Help Answer Each Question in 350-500words — summarize content, examine evidence, suggest and analyze interpretations
Describe the difference between Hamilton’s vision and Jefferson’s vision – does Jefferson’s vision fit with Jefferson’s personal beliefs and his policies in the White House?
2. Describe the variations of Republican culture as it developed in the North and South – how was republicanism rationalized to defend slavery and the subordination of women – were women subordinated in Republican theory?
3. Compare the differences between the life of a slave and that of a northern industrial worker.

The only source that YOU MUST USE is: Valerie Hansen, The

The only source that YOU MUST USE is: Valerie Hansen, The Open Empire.

Over the course of the semester, we have seen the rise and fall of many dynasties, from the
Zhou to the Ming. As we have observed the history of these dynasties, we have seen a few
patterns emerge. Analyze the history of successive dynasties we have seen so far, as described
in the textbook, and determine what you believe are the two greatest threats, foreign or
domestic, that dynasties have faced. Make your argument that these two are the biggest threats
to a dynasty.
You must use at least two citations from the textbook for each threat that you perceive. You
must also make comparisons between how the threat played out in two different dynasties.
No research or sources outside of the textbook necessary. Casual, in-line citations are fine; for
example, “(Hansen, p. 38).”
For further directions, see the syllabus.
(The last page we read is 382, so anything before that is ok)

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