Term Paper Proposal Worksheet Your Final Term Paper is a 3-5 page

Term Paper Proposal Worksheet

Your Final Term Paper is a 3-5 page compare and contrast research paper in which two works of art or architecture are examined to find the significance of key differences or similarities. The artworks should relate to one of the themes covered in this course, which includes an argument, clear position or original insight extrapolated from your research.

Image Identification

Name of Artworks, Artist, Culture, Location

1. Adriaan de Lelie, The Picture Gallery of Jan Gildemeester, 1794–1795

2. Hokusai, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, from “Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji,” 1823–29, color woodcut, 10 x 15 in., Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Thesis Statement

List 3 key points that you want to explore, analyze or argue about in your research paper. How does it relate to the topics and themes explored in class? What thematic connection can you find regarding the two artworks?

Stylistic Analysis

List 3 to 5 stylistic characteristics prominent in both works.

Artwork 1:

Artwork 2:

Cultural Context

List 3 to 5 key points to illustrate how these pieces represent or reflect its cultural contexts.

Artwork 1:

Artwork 2:

Research Sources

List your proposed bibliography. Should be a minimum of 3 sources, from credible online journals, museum websites or scholarly articles. Do NOT cite Wikipedia. All sources must be footnoted within the essay and use MLA standard format for citations.