Political Science

Review of the literature scholars

General note : For this to work, you need to select at least three academic texts (thetext peer-reviewed journals or scholarly reports serious about/policiespublic are acceptable) empirical or theoretical in connection with your subject. You’ll need to writeabout 3 pages, single-spaced, font times new roman 12, margins standards. The text must becontinuous (not ” bulletpoints …

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PSC101 American politics

American Politics Project Assignment: Politics Overview Remember, for all of your journal responses, you will be reviewing two articles about the same topic written from two different viewpoints. As you review the articles, you will be adding your responses to your journal document and submitting. Instructions Follow the steps to complete your journal response assignment …

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Making an E-portfolio

The electronic portfolio assignment requires the use of Rasmussen Optimal Resume Electronic Portfolio resource. The student may choose to download prior quarter assignments that comply with the following transferable skills and additional requirements : Personal mission statement Resume Letters of recommendation if applicable Certifications if applicable Critical Thinking Team Collaboration Diversity Informatics Digital fluency Communication …

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policy advocacy

MODULE 11: POLICY ADVOCACY Review the topics presented in chapters 13 and 14 in the textbook.Pick one of the topics (or a topic that you have chosen that has been approved by the instructor) to prepare a fact sheet on the issue and then develop a letter that could be sent to an elected official …

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Environmental Science Question

Now you will choose 1 of those top 3 actions at your assigned level of government (local, state, or federal) and propose a specific public policy that would change society’s behavior around that action. I will attach a rubric explaining everything done Seen few seconds ago