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Symposium By Plato

Overview of the concept and origins of Platonic love in the Symposium. In The Symposium, Plato gives the idea of platonic love, which he explains as a form of affection founded more on admiration for someone’s virtue or beauty than on arousal or yearning. Unlike sensual and sexual liaisons, platonic love is more concerned with …

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Socrates’ Theory Of Anamnesis And The Paradox Of Virtue In Plato’s Meno

Exploring Factors Affecting Student Retention Executive summary The primary purpose of this feasibility report is to provide an in-depth analysis of student retention in educational institutions. To ensure this is achieved, it examines various factors that affect student retention, analyses the current retention programs, identifies the best practices, and offers recommendations for improving the student …

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Evaluating The Influence Of Art On Moral Character And Ethical Knowledge

Introduction The influence of poetry, plays, and literary stories on morals and ethics has long been a topic of discussion. Famous Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle disagreed. They are analyzed in this research together with how society sees violence in movies, television, and video games. This article will show that Aristotle’s viewpoint is more up …

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The Power Of Nonviolence

Throughout history, many influential leaders have utilized nonviolence as a powerful tool to challenge oppressive systems and advocate for social justice. The profound impacts left by Martin Luther King Jr. should be noted and appreciated. Mahatma Gandhi sparkles with brilliance. Their deep insights and practical applications have made an enduring impact on the world, motivating …

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How I Wrote Aura

Every individual is a steward of creation. This is because people protect their property passionately, remembering that God created everything and should be appreciated. However, controversies have concerned the creation history, evolution, and origin. This arises due to the differences in religions and perceptions of creation stories. It varies from ‘there is no God’ to …

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Nietzsche’s Essays On “The Greek State“

Agon, struggle, competіtion, and struggle arе central to the Greek concеptіon of art, culture, and warfarе, according to Niеtzschе’s essays on “The Greek State” and “Homеr on Compеtition.” Nіetzschе argues that conflict is an еssеntіal componеnt of the advancemеnt of culturе and art in his essays by rеlating the Grееk concеptions of compеtіtіon and cultural …

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Meaningfulness Of Life Among Children

Life is more than just the fact that one exists and draws breath. Human is an extraordinary being whose existence can intentionally affect everything around them. Various philosophers have established that one needs to lead a meaningful life. If a person lives without meaning, then their existence is not worth it. Reasonable people try to …

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Finding Purpose Through Philosophy

Introduction This paper proves humans have a purpose through Rationalism, Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Religion. Descartes’ Epistemology posits that humans seek truth and utilize science to learn. Berkeley’s Immaterialism metaphysics advocated using one’s thinking to improve one’s life. Anselm’s Ontological Argument says humans exist to worship God. Finally, David Hume’s philosophy of Religion held …

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Ephemeral Beauty And Eternal Longing: An Exploration Of “The Wild Swans At Coole”

W.B. Yeats’ poem “The Wild Swans at Coole” is more than simply a beautiful rendering of the natural world; it also offers a deep meditation on age, change, and the transience of beauty. This poem, which is set in Ireland’s Coole Park, inspires a strong feeling of nostalgia and a keen awareness of the passing …

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Unmasking Domestic Facades: Themes In “A Doll’s House”

In addition to being a play, “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen is a powerful protest against the strict social mores of the 19th century. As one digs further into the story, complex issues relating to gender roles, cultural norms, and the search for personal identity become apparent. The viewer is challenged to consider the …

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