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DSM-5 TR Assignment Help Examples

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD forms an incapacitating mental disorder that develops due to exposure to actual or threatened harm, demise, and sexual assault, termed as traumatic events. It can lead to individual and family performance disturbance, causing significant clinical, social, and financial issues. PTSD diagnosis occurs depending on various clusters of symptoms happening after exposure to extreme stressors …

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Alcohol Induced Mental Depressive Disorder

Introduction The American psychiatric association developed a diagnostic criterion to help them make accurate diagnoses of patients with mental illness based on symptoms presented. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders fifth edition (DSM-5-TR) was developed to help explain the occurrence of symptoms associated with specific mental illnesses. DSM-5-TR is based on the principle …

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Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

Lisa Trembly, a 33-year-old female, visited a detox facility thinking about long-term rehabilitation. She presented her case to the healthcare service provider, who was responsible for evaluating her case and finding out how to help. The paper, in this context, refers to the patient. Subjective Information Chief Complaint Lisa’s chief complaint was that she had …

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