Computer Science

200-300 words per answer

1) Summarize in your own words the meaning of one of the following: “Program-based Grammars”, “Specification-Based Grammars”, or “Input Space Grammars”. Remember that for “Program-Based Grammars” that we take into consideration “BNF Grammars for Compilers” and “Program-Based Mutation”, and for “Specification-Based Grammars” we must take into consideration “BNF Grammars” and “Specification-Based Mutation”. And lastly, for …

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Csci2100 workplace

SUMMARY – .25 – .5 page • A condensed version of the full report – helps the reader understand the contents succinctly. • Applies the conventions of a summary • See the lecture and slides “28 Oct – Anatomy of a Report” for details on Executive Summaries and conventions of a summary. 4. CONCLUSIONS – …

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