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Two topics of paper:

• Discuss the rewards and risks associated with investment in bonds, stocks and other alternative assets
* What are yield curve strategies and portfolio immunization? When are they considered appropriate to use?

The written report must include at least the following format content:
• Briefly introduce and describe your individual report/paper
• Body of Report should include key points, relevant analysis, etc. (based on your topic(s) chosen)
• Conclusion or closing remarks

a minimum of 5 pages any appendices, graphs, or illustrations, if applicable. Except for the cover page, all
pages must be numbered and titled.

The content needs to be integrated into the template for this

The content needs to be integrated into the template for this paper that is provided. You can start at the Table of contents. Don’t worry about the pages prior to that as I will plug them in myself once you return the document. For this paper I have attached a rubric with the guidelines. I am looking for you to edit by adding to the paper to make it smoothly transition and align. I ask that you please contribute sentences or even paragraphs when needed to connect. Since part of the process of editing will be making the paper sound better and smoothly transition i ask that you add to the conclusion. I have attached all the sources used within the paper in a separate file. The body needs to be a minimum of 20 pages so if you could edit by adding on sentences to meet that requirement if not exceed.

Minimum of 15 references- i have provided the sources.

Please read the Galison and Masco articles in the required reading

Please read the Galison and Masco articles in the required reading section of the course. What do these readings and the lecture add to our knowledge of policy formation? What is the role of war in terms of domestic policy making? (150-250 words)

– Human Evolution Research paper

Writing Assignment Help This assignment, “HER Draft #4,” consists of 3-6 paragraphs that define that explain the scientific research discoveries that answer (or cannot answer) your research question and your conclusion paragraph where you state what you learned. Those things plus the text of your earlier drafts that have been edited for clarity with typos and formatting errors corrected (HER Draft #1, HER Draft #2 list of published sources, HER Draft #3). The purpose of this paragraph is to tell your readers the meanings of these scientific or medical terms so they can better understand your paper.

I have already completed the first 3 drafts of the assignment, I have uploaded everything I have completed so far. I only need the 4th draft completed. The sources I used along with the URL’s are included in the paper I uploaded.

Please answer the question only using the book. No other source. Essay

Please answer the question only using the book. No other source.
In the fame task, non-famous names that are presented a day prior to the test phase are erroneously judged as being famous. The difficulty people have here is that the earlier presentation of the names makes them familiar and people fail to remember that the source of that familiarity is their previous exposure. How could such techniques be used by politicians to implant false beliefs in voters? How might advertisers use them to make consumers believe their product is better than others, when in fact all the competing products are virtually identical? As a voter and consumer, how could you potentially sidestep being inappropriately persuaded? That is, how could you more accurately evaluate the truthfulness of politicians’ statements or the overblown claims of advertisements?

Book: Dunlosky, John; Metcalfe, Janet. Metacognition

argues that technological innovation supported by public investment in research and development will be key to avoiding a planetary climate catastrophe.

In your critical essay, explain why you agree or disagree with Gates’s position. Please use the attached articles as reference in addition to other sources.
* If you agree with Gates, explain why his approach to resolving the climate crisis is superior to others we have discussed.
* If you disagree, explain why and defend an alternative approach. Whether you agree or disagree, we expect you to reference the assigned readings and lectures from Weeks 3 and 4, in your critical analysis of Gates’s argument.

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