State the research question you have chosen for your signature assignment

State the research question you have chosen for your signature assignment and discuss it in terms of qualitative and quantitative research.
Provide examples of quantitative and qualitative research you have found in the text or your own research.
What are the pros and cons of each type of research?

Jr’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Read Martin Luther King, Jr’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail which can be found here. King draws on several things, including history, theology, and the biblical narrative, to make his case in the letter. Which part of King’s argument do you find the most persuasive? Why?

Reducing College Professor’s Sedentarism

Religion and Theology Assignment Help This will be a discussion post discussing a potential health promotion program at my local university (Kentucky Wesleyan College) to improve the professor’s daily activity. Components will include gym memberships to all employees, activity trackers and incentives given when certain activity levels are reached, partnership with current insurance provider (Anthem Health), and/or fitness classes offered on-campus during lunch hours by current Exercise Science students. For this particular assignment, using Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Health Promotion Programs book (McKenzieJ., F., Neiger, B. L., and Thackeray, R. (2017). Planning, implementing and evaluating health promotion programs: A Primer 7 edition. Pearson Ed.a. Chapter 14: Evaluation Approaches and Designs, respond to the following topic:

Outline how you plan to assess your intervention/program:
• Process Evaluation
• Impact Evaluation
• Outcome Evaluation

I have attached the required book pages, program proposal, and previous discussion posts to give you a better understanding of this program.

Make sure to research Kentucky Wesleyan College to understand what the current work environment entails (

Also, here is a video link for an overview from my teacher:

May Be Deadly Essay

In 2 paragraphs ONLY write a response to the attached document. Fries are tasty, simple, and easy to prepare but…..think about what the salt, fat, and carbs do to the body if the consumer does not exercise or consume moderate portions. How can we consume fries without them being deadly?[supanova_question]