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Sociology Question

Review the functionalist perspectives on family from Theoretical Perspectives of Family
.Define/describe the four key functions of family.
Apply and discuss the four key functions to your family of orientation (the family you grew up in) or family of procreation (your spouse and/or children), and
give examples from your family to illustrate the functions.
Define and/describe the Conflict theory on family and apply it to your family.
Finally, compare and contrast the theories and discuss which theory, functionalism or conflict theory, is better for explaining the purpose and role of family in society and why.
FormatThis paper should be about 750-1300 word or about 3 to 5 double spaced typed pages. You should be able to prepare your paper in your word processor and then copy it into the text box or upload a Word file. Treat this as a formal paper. Use proper grammar, and logical, readable organizational structure (see attached essay structure example file) for an example of good organizational structure). Refrain from using contractions (don’t, can’t, etc). The format should be paragraphs as opposed to lists.How the Paper will be graded:
structure (includes organization of information, spelling and grammar, etc. 2 points)
Description of functionalist theory terms (2 points)
Application of functionalist theory terms to your family (4 points)
Application of conflict theory (give a description of the conflict theory on family and apply the theory to your family) (4 points)
Compare and Contrast the theories, and discuss which you think is a more accurate theory for explaining the purpose and role of family in society and why based on the readings. (8 points)

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