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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Hanuman is a Cambodian based company, that has recently launched in Cambodia with their premium lager beer.
Please ensure that you meet all the requirements from the brief especially the real world comparision.

Thank you.

Literature review and analysis : what are the existing theories on luxury brand image. Please

Please develop the mentionned theories that explain why individuals purchase luxury. There has been numerous frameworks developed that aim to explain the reasoning behind a luxury purchase. I do not need to discuss about the luxury characyteristics but discuss about the symbolic value about luxury . I have identified 5 sources for this assignment . I need to follow that structure:

1. definition of a brand image

2. Explanation of the different theories while comparing them ( for instance this value is similar / the same as XX pointed out in the framwork Y ..)

3. Summary of the main values . Please refer to the Instruction Doc for the 5 sources ( Berthon – 2009; Vigneron and Johnson -1999; Wiedman,Hennigs and Siebel-2009; Kapferer and Bastien-2009 and Han, Nunes, and Dreze -2010


Marketing Assignment Help The guidlaine attached needs to be followed and based on a youtube video(link supplied). Please include photos/product images/charts/graphs whenever possible to illustrate and make it visual as possible.1500 words max

Marketing Plan for New Product called shoes with Interchangeable sole for kids

Instructions: Each group member is expected to submit a MS word document of his/her marketing plan (MAX 2000 words) for the business proposed by the group. Cover page, reference list and Appendix are excluded from the word count.The cover page should include the title of the report, your full name, student ID, and word count.The individual marketing plan should follow the following structure: a. Executive Summary. Summary of the critical elements of the marketing plan including a summary of consumer job (s)/PAIN points to be addressed by your proposed business (approx. 1 page).Business objectives targeting and Positioning strategies (revised based on the feedback to the group presentation) i. Targeting1. Target consumer profile ii. Positioning1. Brand positioning statement (to address pain/gain points). d. Marketing Mix DecisionsProduct—shaping your value. What does the product look like? What is/are the USP’(s)? Pricing—shaping your value.1. How much will your product cost?iii. Place—delivering your value

1. Where will your product be available?iv. Promotion—communicating your valueWhat to say? (key benefit claim)Where to say it? (media strategy)ConclusionAppendix (if any)i. Graphs/tables/pies/pictures quoted in the report4. The consumer insights and proposed marketing strategies in the report should be evidence-based supported by market research findings. If you are using external sources in your report, please use Harvard Referencing Style for your in-textreferencing and reference list Here is a link with guidance on how to write an executive summary:

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