Scenario For this assessment, you may choose from the following options as


For this assessment, you may choose from the following options as the subject of a root-cause analysis and safety improvement plan:

The specific safety concern identified in your previous assessment pertaining to medication administration safety concerns.

The readings, case studies, or a personal experience in which a sentinel event occurred surrounding an issue or concern with medication administration.


The purpose of this assessment is to demonstrate your understanding of and ability to analyze a root cause of a specific safety concern in a health care setting. You will create a plan to improve the safety of patients related to the concern of medication administration safety based on the results of your analysis, using the literature and professional best practices as well as the existing resources at your chosen health care setting to provide a rationale for your plan.

Use the Root-Cause Analysis and Improvement Plan [DOCX] template to help you to stay organized and concise. This will guide you step-by-step through the root cause analysis process.

Additionally, be sure that your plan addresses the following, which corresponds to the grading criteria in the scoring guide. Please study the scoring guide carefully so you understand what is needed for a distinguished score.

Analyze the root cause of a patient safety issue or a specific sentinel event pertaining to medication administration in an organization.

Apply evidence-based and best-practice strategies to address the safety issue or sentinel event pertaining to medication administration.

Create a feasible, evidence-based safety improvement plan for safe medication administration.

Identify organizational resources that could be leveraged to improve your plan for safe medication administration.

Communicate in writing that is clear, logical, and professional, with correct grammar and spelling, using current APA style.

Additional Requirements

Length of submission: Use the provided Root-Cause Analysis and Improvement Plan template to create a 4–6 page root cause analysis and safety improvement plan pertaining to medication administration.

Number of references: Cite a minimum of 3 sources of scholarly or professional evidence that support your findings and considerations. Resources should be no more than 5 years old.

APA formatting: Format references and citations according to current APA style.[supanova_question]

Write a 3-4 page internal memo that will be presented to the

Write a 3-4 page internal memo that will be presented to the company leadership team as they make the decision whether or not the proposed software supports the company goal of increasing learning in the flow of work.

HR Challenge

Your task is to identify which of the critical success factors and learning theories will be used with the implementation of new software. Also recommend whether or not the proposed software supports the company goal of increasing learning in the flow of work. Pick at least three critical success factors and one of three theories.

You work for a customer service organization that serves and tracks vendor needs for materials that are sold to other companies for resale. The company’s sales representatives give advice and recommendations based on cost and the buyers’ needs. They have to have a working knowledge of customer expectations, needs, and the customer companies’ operations. Your organization wants software that will provide the sales reps with data on items and costs while they are on the phone with the customer. The company has a tradition of being very cost-conscious and is not usually the first to buy new technology.

The software application that has been proposed for use by the sales representatives has the following characteristics:

Database capability for all catalog items plus 500 gigabytes of unused storage.

S?ame or similar content layout no matter what device—desktops, tablets, and phones.

Training m?odules that can be accessed from the website for the software application, range in length from 20–30 minutes each.

Microlearning lessons (3–5 minutes each?) accessed from within the application.

Pop-up help messages within the application with helpful information about many functions. Can be turned on and off.

Frequently Asked Questions/Resource documents are searchable within the software for step-by-step instructions.?

Individualized reporting of application usage, average time per transaction, and training materials accessed weekly or monthly.

As an HR generalist, you also have learning and development responsibilities. To assist in the decision to purchase software, you have identified the learning tools included with the software as well as some general sales-related learning needs of the sales representatives who will be expected to begin using the system as soon as it is installed.


Write a 3–4 page internal memo that will be presented to the company leadership team as they make the decision whether or not the proposed software supports the company goal of increasing learning in the flow of work.

Listen to Josh Bersin’s presentation Learning in the flow of work, keynote speech [Video].

Read the following article: (2019). Implementing a learning project: 9 key considerations for success. SyndiGate Media Inc.

Write an internal memo for leadership about their decision to invest in software at this time. Include the following in your memo:

Format the memo using To, From, RE(reason), and a title.

Explain how the characteristics of the sales software application (listed above) will facilitate learning in the flow of work.

Identify which 3–5 of the critical success factors will be met with the implementation of new software for your company.

Explain a reason why each critical success factor was selected and how the success factor will influence the implementation of the new software at your company.

Identify which of the three learning theories you will use to help sales representatives learn the software application and why.

Evaluate and recommend whether or not the proposed software supports the company goal of increasing learning in the flow of work, including the rationale for your recommendation, based on the critical success factors you selected.

Additional Requirements

Length of paper: Your memorandum should be 3–4 double-spaced pages, including the resources page.

Use headings and subheadings to organize content for the reader.

Font and font-size: Times New Roman, 12-point.

Number of resources: A minimum of four course resources.?[supanova_question]

Directions: Please write a 7 paged double spaced research paper on the

Directions: Please write a 7 paged double spaced research paper on the following topic:

Research topic: Focusing specifically on informal caregiving in Asian cultures. How does culture and tradition influence informal caregiving for people of Asian ethnic backgrounds? 

****Please be sure to include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement and a conclusion paragraph followed by the general research background. You may format the research/topics and paragraphs as you see fit******

I have attached seven sources to apply towards the paper using APA format. All 7 sources need to be used. They are scholarly journal articles relevant to the topic.[supanova_question]

ISSC481 – Week 5 Your Name: Fill in your name above, put

Writing Assignment Help ISSC481 – Week 5

Your Name:

Fill in your name above, put your answer below each question, and then return this document for grading following the instructions in the syllabus. Use examples from the readings, or from your own research, to support answers.

It is know that employees are the weakest link in the information security chain. How can companies deal with problems associated with the weakest link? When answering the question be sure to draw upon items listed in Chapter 9. (Write a 1-page paper discussing your answer) [supanova_question]

Optimising operation and change 5 November 2021 Optimising Operation And Change In

Optimising operation and change
5 November 2021

Optimising Operation And Change In Businesses

Change in every company means a great deal. Organizing, planning, and steering change involve different strategies until the suggested amendments are made a reality. The elements of change represent important components that can never be neglected, detailing the sections to alter and what ideas to apply. The assessment includes Apple corporation making use of an important department of human resource management. The area of change will involve human rights for workers, both full-term and hourly paid employees, that assist in the company’s day-to-day activities. Finding suitable mechanisms to ensure good working conditions, compensation procedures worth complimenting, and expression of considerate welfare packages for all workers will involve key change aspects to focus on in the plan. The Leader’s Programme Journal explores important concepts, ideas, and techniques to explore in change motivation. While leading the company in adopting strategic human rights and welfare direction to encourage satisfactory human resource management department operations, the content identifies change needs and perspectives.


The content about Apple organization human rights docket as part of human resource management change needs does not represent the actual situation in the firm although it might utilize some comparable operation aspects. However, the Leader’s Programme Journal may not be used as a true example of Apple company employees and staff rights amendment guide in practical contexts.

Leaders involved:

Human resource manager

Employees’ representative

Human resource management reporter in the firm

Description of the organization

The company involves several numbers of workers who expect to receive attention on their needs and expectations as stakeholders in an international technology firm. The activities within technology and electronic-based firms include different personnel taking technical tasks and others working on less complex procedures. The ability to run a large company smoothly incorporates diverse aspects of resource management that Apple firm tries to follow all the time.  The situation in the organization entails a growing company demand for efficient human forces control and needs fulfillment. Dealing with consumers of all kinds includes a major feature of the business establishment that offers technology and electronic gadgets from small business sales, personal need provisions, and large institutions. The nature of tasks that Apple firm executes in daily transactions from worldwide centers diverges in what kind of skills, technical support modes, and physical energy the processes involved. In the context of employee management, human resource management has to carry out numerous procedures to ensure that every regional worker’s representative or manager provides required materials and ensures welfare activities are accomplished. Compensation, rewards, and other workers’ benefits are common expectations in Apple company limited all year round as per the industry’s business ethics.

Internal driven needs for change

The role of human resources and the expectation of their continued support for company operations include a major internal component of interest. In the process of building quality and well-managed human resource management unit, human rights are a mandatory provision that the firm is expected to fulfill. The situation in the company conforms to a limited employees’ welfare and needs provision structure with the underlying issues of working conditions, diversity appreciation, wages and working hours representing a sweatshop approach which requires change. The corporation keeps its activities in progress through use of available resources and established infrastructure to shelter and protect employees. As the years have passed, the workers protection and liberation laws expect firms to abide by the human rights principles governing how employees’ needs are protected and fulfilled all the time (Week 3). The modern industrial sector involves workers encountering harmful chemicals if not properly groomed or if the enterprise premises are not in good condition. Production of electronic products includes the manufacturing and assembling points where the right infrastructure is needed. The working hours in the firm are estimated to be 60hours per week which should be in line with the labor laws and human rights provisions to ensure wellbeing support and proper operations of the department. The need to change the organization’s human resource department will be examined from the basis of what political, economic, social, environmental, and technical factors explain the change need.  

Using PESTEL analysis, different forces help explore the conditions to which workers are subjected and the expected corporate responsibility determinants missing in the firm’s human resource unit.


The company operates in an environment governed by regulations and schemes established to explore the politically authorized principles to control how human resources act and operate. Environment regulation and infrastructure determinant rules have had loopholes when it comes to following set working area monitoring prospects. Letting the ethical trade restriction elements go not respond to present the opportunity left to abuse workers’ welfare needs.


The guidelines under which relationships, communications, and informed decisions are made contain a major emphasis scheme on handling routine diversity appreciation and personal respect and recognition demands. The state of matters in Apple xxx has faced criticism with minority group employees not getting enough attention.


The equipment, knowledge of handling complex procedures and technology automation utilization, and introduction procedures in the firm form an important segment of the operations support system. The questions surrounding equipment use misinformation among new workers and concerns about employee electronic information collection and storage issues explain the worry for lacking ethics now and in the future.


The environment for work conducive and for ease navigation of the organization culture to find personal satisfaction in the operation and duties’ execution space confine important knowledge to watch for smooth operations in the human resource. The handling of the pandemic situation last year left many employees dissatisfied with working condition exposure worries increasing and health care welfare program omission for low level or hourly based employees expressing the need for better plans in future.


Wage rates and reward system includes a long history for the international electronic and technology services firm. Although efforts were implemented to improve work value to the employees in Apple corporation, major wage level issues come into place on overtime work and poorly paid hourly laborers in the firm.


Labor laws include the main determinants of the human resource proper and ethical functions in support of the employee’s wellbeing. Guidelines and compliance guidelines to support all races, gender, and categories of workers from executive to casual workers include a major concern to test ethical principles. The existence of minority groups like women and those with disabilities being discriminated against expresses the unaccomplished human rights expectations as per the legal requirements of any recruiting company.

Optimization outcome to achieve

The change will involve group-level optimization since it comprises stakeholders and a set of organizational culture guidelines affecting employees’ rights. The focus on various levels of workers will emphasize on the outstanding needs in individual culture prospects, racial aspects that might affect work output if neglected by the management, gendered issues, minority group member bad experiences, wage rate challenges, working hours, compensation and welfare programs for all persons in the organization. The approach to change the human resource management requires will involve a first order optimization plan with amendments to be included within already set human rights culture of the firm. In the determination of the change scheme, it will conform to an incremental approach intended to include firmer rules on wage discrimination cases, stricter regulation on working hours and workplace conditions improvement to motivate employee’s cooperation and performance (Week 3). The delayering strategy will encompass downsizing with addressing human rights’ needs designated to each individual worker on basis of their job category and group for viable improvements. The ability to apply the entrepreneur-based scheme by motivating, recognizing, and listening to the employee needs at all levels will bring forth comprehensive working condition advancements in wages, infrastructure, and communication responsiveness.

Readiness of organization to change

The company has the right leadership plan to bring a new face to the human resource operations. Employee satisfaction means job satisfaction which translates to the smooth completion of operations. The purpose, value, strategy to use in change, expectations, and resources have been identified, guiding the path for the next steps to implement change in the functional unit. Going through the company’s mission and objectives, employee needs are expected to present a desirable feature of managing communications, relations, compensation plans, welfare services, and respect to individual culture dynamics among the group (Week 4). The business establishment has long exhibited a limited organizational culture to bring forth equal representation and right working hours determination per day, which puts the workers at risk. The organization’s position as a global firm facing the uncertainty of change complains about its use of sweatshop practices. The demand for diversity in employee recruitment and sustenance explains how suited the company is for change. Maintaining a high reputation and avoiding the effects of the melted iceberg as exhibited through the fate of penguins if their habits are destroyed proves the business needs an escape plan to keep the department thriving (lindseyanndiane). The organization’s objectives of operation to serve all consumers worldwide present it as a strategized organization in meeting needs and fulfilling its corporate responsibility obligations.

The world changes in every aspect involving human needs are a major concern for Apple, having witnessed the rush to offer better pandemic response mechanisms as an environmental coping process. The identification of the general views of employees through feedback reviews and engagement in future prospects’ opinion collection tasks express the dissatisfaction with the current employee welfare and compensation plans. The cases involving developing nation Apple stores exploitation of workers through long working hours and long pay like in China highlight the firm’s situation for a better intervention method. The forces pushing for change in the human resource management operations affect the general working motivation and conditions for workers (Kotter). The concept of change reception is clear, with anticipated improvements targeted towards a more comfortable work environment. Operation units benefit from willing and emotionally stable employees, which is a missing element for the Apple factors’ underpaid, sick, discriminated, and poorly compensated low-level workers. The integral part of the organization in the change is to express the need, have a purpose, resources availability, and expected positive outcome if the rules and regulations are applied. Assessing the attributes to prove the organization is ready presented high conformity to possible issues in firm reputation across the globe and possible losses through fines by the labor law agencies protecting human rights. the state of affairs in the organization shows that interest to change the way employees perceive the human resource department has been discovered over the years as rules on labor provisions keep on changing (Week 5). The overview of the firm’s leadership highlights the support and conviction that they have shown trying to respond to public claims on workers’ low wages and infrastructure shortcomings.

Gap for change score                                        8.5/10

Accomplish purpose                                          9/10

Believe in the change components                  8/10

Support                                                                9.5/10

The average score of 8.75 shows how well prepared the organization is to commit to human resource department change with expectations to fulfill human rights for better operations across all operating units within the company.

Leader readiness to change to change

Leading the electronics and technology-based human resource function unit to change includes a major motivation for transformative leadership goals. Determinants of how equipped I am for the process start with recognizing that workers require their needs fulfilled if the operations run smoothly. The collective nature of reforms will intent to reach out to employees in their respective groups and stimulate recognition, respect, efforts, compensation, and good working conditions to assure the wellbeing of all workers. The skill requirement for leading the change has been concentrated on embracing the change process as a participant and not a controller (Kotter). From the beginning to the end, it will precisely involve my problem solving, positive influence, motivating colleagues in leadership for all levels of workers, and contributing to goal prediction, which counts as preparedness. The experience of expressing the sincere connection between the organization’s mission, objectives, visions, and the delegation of leading change gives the process a meaning that it intends to put the performance higher. Knowledge about the management plans and the anticipation of employees to witness a new environment and working guidelines for the future assignments contributes to the confidence that it will be profitable (Week 5). The firm belief in the vision to achieve human resource sustainability and organization satisfaction confirms that the duties and responsibilities match leadership qualities. An assessment of the competency and trust factor on taking over the role in a critical time to pursue and guide change achievement has been a time of learning and applying tactics in alignment with transformative leadership requirements. The change is important, and it will put to an end different injustices that employees endure while making profits for the global firm against the laws and business ethics.



Works Cited

Kotter, Dr John. “Change Management Vs. Change Leadership — What’s The Difference?”.


Lindseyanndiane. “Our Iceberg Is Melting.M4v”. 2012, pp. 0:00-8:01.,[supanova_question]

Long Beach City College-Child Development and Educational Studies. Article Summary/Review Purpose: This

Long Beach City College-Child Development and Educational Studies.

Article Summary/Review

Purpose: This assignment will provide the student with the opportunity to explore one or more specific topics and connect these ideas to the textbook and course content. Reading and thinking about new information from professional journals provides the student with a gateway into the more detailed aspects of topics we have studied in a general way in class.

Skills/knowledge: In completing this assignment the student will practice their reading, writing, reflection and critical thinking skills. This assignment will provide the student with the opportunity to connect to multiple course topics and integrate new knowledge into existing understandings.


For this assignment you will choose one of the journal articles provided about children and families and write a 2-3 page summary and reflection on the article Write a 2-3 page paper that is outlined as follows:


List the author and title of the article, the publication the article came from and the date of publication.

Paragraph 1: A 1 paragraph summary of the article

Paragraphs 2-4: A minimum of 3 paragraphs that describe in detail at least 3 separate main ideas from the article

Use quotes from the article to illustrate your points


Paragraphs 5-7: A minimum of 3 paragraphs that reflects on the information by describing:

How the information from the article connects to what you have learned this semester in this course

Be specific-what topic(s) from class? How does it connect? (the course topics are related to each text chapter and to subheadings within each chapter)

Use text quotes to back up and frame your ideas.

How the information from the article connects to your learning- what new ideas or insights did it give you? What previous learning was expanded upon or confirmed for you?

How you think you will use or integrate the information from the article into your schooling, career and/or life? (be specific- and remember- don’t choose an article that you don’t find any connections to)

Need help remembering how to write an excellent, cohesive paragraph?

Read the rubric on page 2!!!!

Grading Rubric… 10 points possible.


Exceeds-meets expectations:

3 pts

Meets-approaches expectations

2 pts

Does not meet expectations

1-0 points

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and formatting are accurate with less than 5 mistakes

The paper has a heading with the students’ name and course #

The paper is standardly formatted) 1 inch margins, 12 point font, double spaced)

Text and article quotes are present and cited accurately

All quotes add meaning to the paper more than a simple definition

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and formatting are accurate with less than 10 mistakes

The paper has a heading with the students’ name and course #

The paper is standardly formatted) 1inch margins, 12 point font, double spaced)

Text and article quotes are present

Text and article quotes are mostly meaningful but not all

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and formatting are accurate with more than 10 mistakes

Heading and/or formatting is non-standard.

Text and/or article quotes are missing and/or do not really add any meaning or clear example.

Review/Reflection Content

Exceeds-Meets expectations

7-6 points

Meets/Approaches Expectations

5-4 points

Does not meet expectations

3-0 points.

All response prompts are addressed, formatted into complete paragraphs and are directly related to the content of the article.

Connections to course information is accurate

Each of the three defined topics from the article each have at least one meaningful quote from the article

The reflection portion has a minimum of 2 meaningful text connections

All response prompts are addressed and formatted into complete paragraphs, most of the content is directly related to the article. A minimum of 3 examples are quoted from the article to emphasize and clarify ideas.

Connections to course information is mostly accurate

Each of the three defined topics from the article each have at least one text connection that may not be clearly meaningful and/or is not accurately cited.

The reflection portion has a minimum of 1 meaningful text connection

Some response prompts are not addressed and/or most of the content is not directly related to the article and/or less than three examples are quoted from the article.

Text and article connections are missing and/or not meaningful (they are all simple definitions or incomplete thoughts).

The assignment outline is not followed in one or more ways.[supanova_question]