Risk Management Question

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Kindly answer the following questions.

What is the most important feature that distinguishes takaful from conventional insurance? (5 marks).
Explain briefly the difference between a pure wakalh model and a pure mudarabah model in Islamic insurance. (5 marks).
How the author consider the relationship between policyholders and TOs as a principal-agent model. (5 marks)
What are the main conclusions of this paper? (5 marks)
Please note that the country that we are talking about here is Saudi Arabia.


Management Question

Watch one of these films: Apollo 13 or The Sandlot.
These films should be readily available to view online.
In 2-3 pages, answer these questions based on the information in Chapter 12 of your textbook.
Is the film a good example of teamwork in action? Why?
Give examples from the film of each of the five stages (forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning) of group development (see Stages of Group Development section in the text).
What are some of the norms of the team in the film?
Name two things that individuals did as part of the team that they might have been unwilling to do as individuals working alone.

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Three strategies

Risk Management Question Management Assignment Help SELLING EXECUTIVES ON PROJET MANAGEMENT (CASE STUDY)
The executives at Levon Corporation watched as their revenue stream diminished and refused to listen to their own employees that were arguing that project management implementation was necessary for growth. Finally, the executives agreed to listen to a presentation by a project management consultant.
Need for Project Management
Levon Corporation had been reasonably successful for almost twenty years as an electronics component manufacturer. The company was a hybrid between project-driven and non-project driven businesses. A large portion of its business came from development of customized products for government agencies and private-sector companies around the world.
The customized or project-driven portion of the business was beginning to erode. Even though Levon’s reputation was good, the majority of these contracts were awarded through competitive bidding. Every customer’s request for proposal asked for a section on the contractor’s project management capability. Levon had no real project management capability. Since most of the contracts were awarded on points rather than going to the lowest bidder. Levon was constantly downgraded in the evaluation of the proposals because of no project management capability.
The sales and marketing personnel continuously expressed their concerns to senior management, but the concerns fell upon deaf ears. Management was afraid that their support of project management could result in a shift in the balance of power in the company. Also, whatever executive ended up with control of the project management function could become more powerful than the other executives.
Gap Analysis
Reluctantly, the executives agreed to hire a project management consultant. The consultant was asked to identify the gaps between Levon and the rest of the industry and to show how project management could benefit the company. The consultant was also asked to identify the responsibilities of senior management once project management is implemented.
After a few weeks of research, the consultant was ready to make his presentation before the senior staff. The first slide that the consultant presented was Exhibit 10-5, which showed that Levon’srevenue stream was not as good as they thought. Levon was certainly lagging the industry average and distance between Levon and the industry leader was getting larger.
The consultant then showed Exhibit 10-6. The consultant had developed a project management maturity factor based upon such elements as time, cost, meeting scope, ability to handle risks, providing quality products, and customer interfacing and reporting. Using the project management maturity factor, the consultant showed that Levon’sunderstanding and use of project management were lagging the industry trend.
The consultant then showed Exhibit 10-7, which clearly illustrated that, unless Levon takes decisive action to improve its project management capability, the gap will certainly increase. The executives seemed to understand this, but the consultant could still see their apprehension in supporting project management.
Write a one to two (1 -2) page paper in which you:

2. Imagine that you are the consultant for the case study. Speculate on three strategies that you could employ to get the executives to understand your point of view and thus support your project management recommendations.

discussion mgt402

Discussions mgt402
chapter 3(discussion)
discussion 1:1-
List and describe two additional steps that a company can take to create a culture of creativity and innovation.
Support your response with at least 2 academic sources outside the required materials for the course.
Read your classmates’ messages and post at least one reply by the
2- discussion chapter
-chapter 5
discussion prompt:
What criteria should be considered for a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation to be the best choice as a form of ownership?
Support your response with at least 2 academic sources outside the required materials for the course
3- discussion
Chapter 7
What are some of the major challenges of valuing a business? For example, how would one accurately be able to project earning potential?
Support your response with at least 2 academic sources outside the required materials for the course
4- discussion
Chapter 8
discussion prompt:
Illustrate through examples how a business plan can save an entrepreneur time and money as it reduces the risk and uncertainty that is a part of the entrepreneurial experience.
Support your response with at least 2 academic sources outside the required materials for the course

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