rhetorical analysis essay using a specific essay

How do you plan to do that?Don’t forget that it should be the first line of your paper and not only should you address the editor, but you should also include the title and author of your chosen article (this can also be the second line).So what?Thesis: to recommend for publication or no and whyParagraph 2: SummarySummarize your chosen article for your editor.There is no evaluation yet!Quite simply, what is your author’s claim and what are the reasons they give to support their claim?Main Body ParagraphsYou may organize your analysis by reason, or by the means of persuasion . Just make sure you have discrete sections (one paragraph/ one topic) for each reason, or each means of persuasion:  ethos, pathos, logos.  Start your paragraph with a topic sentence.  Remember to include your analysis/interpretation on either side of a “sandwiched” quote (see chapter 3) and include a discussion of ethos (credibility) , pathos (emotion), and logos (logic) as applicable.  NaysayerInform your editor of any naysayers the author addresses. Consider whether the author has addressed possible counterarguments to their claim. If so, havethey represented them fully and conceded and/or refuted them successfully?Identify the naysayer(s) your author mentions and tell me how your author has responded to that (those) naysayer(s). Describe how Shorthorn readers will respond to the author’s rebuttal to naysayers and explain why they will respond in the way you describeConclusionReiterate your main points and your final decision about whether to publish article or not (your claim).Reiterate your “so what?”Re-state your claim and reasons here, as well as your “so what?”