Review of Conference Papers Presentations: You are required to register on

Review of Conference Papers


You are required to register on the conference website AND attend the conference. Upon registration you will receive a Zoom link that will enable you to attend. Go through the program and choose which papers you would like to attend. Note the dates and times. You are required to attend 4 presentations, two long ones, to shorter ones from the list of speakers below:

Select 2 from these speakers:

Nasser Rabbat

Rebecca Zorach

Farid Esmaeil

T.J. Demos

D. Fairchild Ruggles

Anna M. Gade

Amanda Boetzkes

Select 2 from these speakers:

Yusen Yu

Stephane Pradines

Alexander Brey

Nada Shabout

Huma Gupta

Rachel Winter

Elizabeth Rauh

Pamela Karimi

Michelle Apotsos

Nisa Ari


Notetaking: Take notes either typed or by hand during EACH presentation, focusing on catching key information relating to thesis statement, content and argument and conclusion. Scan these notes later in PDF and merge with your written summaries, then upload on Canvas

Review each presentation addressing ALL the areas below:

Content: Write a summary of the content each presentation, focusing on the key thesis, how the speaker develops his/her argument to support the thesis (mention at least 3 key points the speaker makes), and what conclusions are reached. Refer back to your notes. Are all the points the presenter makes clear? Are they persuasive? Is the thesis statement catchy? Is the discussion smooth, organized well and flows from point to point? What evidence does the presenter use to support his points? Is the conclusion referring back to the thesis/introduction? Does the conclusion make a memorable point?

Presentation/delivery: look at the technicalities of each presentation. Comment on how the presenter presents (is it read? Is it given free style? breaks, language, voice, are the visuals appropriate? Do they support the argument? Image quality? Proper captions/image info?)

What can you learn from reviewing the delivery and technicalities of presentations for your own Semester Paper and end of semester presentation? Mention at least three points that you had not thought of before.

what the professor wants is really how did the key speakers present their point.

Step 1. CONSIDER the ways in which your chosen career, industry,

Step 1.
CONSIDER the ways in which your chosen career, industry, or field has changed in your lifetime – over the last 20 years, or so. For example, have salaries and wages gone up, down, or stagnated (especially compared to inflation)? Has technology played an increased role in this industry; if so, how? Have the job’s descriiption, responsibilities, and/or requirements evolved over time? What about demographics; which group(s) of people have typically been represented in this industry, and how has that changed in your lifetime – if at all? What is the demand for more people to enter this field?

Step 2.
COLLECT a minimum of FIVE, relevant outside sources that provide you with key information on the career field that you’ve selected. The research that you gather should answer your questions, support your claims, and confirm (or correct) your speculations about this field; it should provide you with historical context, and ground you in facts and precise language.

Your research may include news articles, reviews, surveys, studies, interviews, speeches, and works of visual media, including representation in film, in television, and in advertising. You may want to start with sources such as Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor, and Pew Research Center. Digitally accessible sources are preferred.

Step 3.
COMPOSE a 1200 – 1400 word Research Paper in which you discuss the future of your chosen career, industry, or field. Identify three significant trends based on your research findings. How will those trends determine the future of this industry, for better or worse. Why do you think these changes will happen? How will those changes impact the lives of people connected to this industry – e.g., employers and employees, customers and clients, individuals and the public.

Your Research should include the following sections:

Paragraph 1: What Will We Learn? Introduction
Paragraph 2: How Has the Industry Evolved Over Time? Body
Paragraph 3: How Will the Industry Change in the Future? Body
Paragraph 4: How Should We Prepare for Those Changes? Body
Paragraph 5: What Did We Learn? Conclusion
Your INTRODUCTION should draw the reader in and prepare the them for your discussion by establishing relevant details. Your Introduction should also include your Thesis Statement.

The BODY should be comprised of Strong, Developed Paragraphs.

Your CONCLUSION should wrap up your discussion, highlight the main points of your discussion (without simply repeating that analysis verbatim), and deliver a clear takeaway for the reader.


Specifically discuss how you used specific data, reports and the balance

Specifically discuss how you used specific data, reports and the balance sheet and/or income statement to ensure maximum profitability. -[supanova_question]

A one-page (double-spaced) paper that includes the following: – Describe the

Writing Assignment Help A one-page (double-spaced) paper that includes the following:
– Describe the importance of ethical culture: Why is it important for organizations (and employees) to act ethically, and what role does a company’s culture play?
– Of the five dimensions (independence, caring, instrumental, law and code, rules), select the single dimension that you think would have the most positive impact on employees’ ethical behaviors. Explain your decision by describing how the dimension is likely to impact employees’ decisions and behaviors.
– It can be difficult to change an organization’s culture. Imagine that you are the leader of an organization in which employees seem to be exhibiting unethical behaviors. Describe what the organization could do to start or improve its ethical culture.[supanova_question] this is the assignment, my teacher made the instructions into this is the assignment, my teacher made the instructions into a video. You’re supposed to do the blog through “Microsoft Sway” which is in the video too

I already started the thesis but feel free to change whatever you want , I will show my thesis and what my teacher said about it. This is supposed to be a blog and has to have citations and a resource page.[supanova_question]

on Ethical, Societal and Racial Impacts of Colonization and Tropical Disease Research

Attached below are some of the readings we read throughout the class that discussed ethical, societal, and racial impacts when it came to vector diseases (yellow fever and malaria).