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HB 898 : Care for COVID-19 Act of 2021// Support 2 pages of the results portion of the paper which includes:Results (this is where the group states their findings – What the cost of the policy change is expected to entail, sources of funding to implement and maintain said policy change (i.e. the details, the specific language of your policy change)


The impact of the pandemic in the US is severe. The healthcare delivery system is struggling through enormous challenges and change. What do you think the pandemic revealed about our delivery, financing, payment and policy decisions of the last half century? What three specific things would you suggest to address these challenges? Write a 3 page essay, double spaced based on this question.

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he student must then post at least one (1) reply of

Results Portion Religion and Theology Assignment Help he student must then post at least one (1) reply of
at least 200 words by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of the assigned Module: Week. This
assignment does not require citations, but the student must cite sources if any are used or quoted.
Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years. Acceptable sources
include the Bible, textbooks, scholarly articles, and online sources approved by your instructor.

Here is my outline, thesis, bibliography so far. I am really struggling with my thesis statement for some reason because it is hard to find a different view of this passage, no matter how many scholars I read. I am also having a difficult time making it “flow.” I feel this is a part I will be refining in the next few weeks for sure.

I am also open to hearing any other sources of scholars/theologians you guys would trust. I have the “big three” Revelation scholars already with Aune, Beale, and Bacukham but I would love to read more. Again, I would love to hear any suggestions regarding anything that could improve my paper as I am working hard on this and hoping it turns out well. I know I have a lot in my outline but I am sure some of that will get trimmed down during the writing stage.

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Outline: Revelation 1:12-20

Thesis statement
“This paper will demonstrate that the authority and commission for John’s letter to the seven churches comes directly from the risen Christ and not from John’s own accord, and should therefore be seen as authoritative as other Scriptures.”

3. Literary Context

I. Genre—connect my passage to all points below!

Apocalyptic—give brief descriiption
Heavy Symbolism
Theatre for the ears
Follows pattern of Daniel (midrash), other Apocalypses
OT allusions/apocalypses are essential to understanding flow of thought
II. Style

Prophetic Commission Style of letter—give history of it. 2 of them.
(Using Rhetorical Criticism) Ekphrasis
Three-fold style
Broken up into two parts
Purpose was to comfort and not terrify
As a Vision
III. Setting

“In the Spirt” provide setting
IV. Theme (these continue throughout the whole book)

Christ as Priest and King
Jesus as Conquering messiah over not just churches but world,
Continues commission of John from v. 11
Sets up entire book of Rev.,
Vision does not end at v. 20

5. Historical Context

Real Churches—mail route
John’s relationship to the churches
Reason for writing

6. Authority of Christ

“see” Christ’s Voice
One like the Son of Man among lampstands
Hair and Face were white
Stars in hand

7. Commission of John

John Fell as though dead,
I am the First/Last
John Fell as though dead
Keys to Death and
Second commission to write
More than just to the seven churches, but whole book

8. Application

Not to compromise—about “allegiance,”
Provide comfort in face of compromise
9. Conclusion

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A title page, reference page, and proper in-text citations (in addition to the 7 or more content pages) are required
Research Ellen White’s Writings and the Bible to discuss and write the topic (Faith in God) according to the following bullet points in the order which they are listed below:
-Demonstrate Christ-centered Biblical Knowledge in relation to the topic
-Apply Christ-centered Biblical values to the topic
-Utilize the Ellen White writings to list what she said about the topic
-Use the appropriate rule (s) of interpretation from T. Housel Jemison to ensure that Ellen White writings and the Bible verses are kept in context
-How did this topic enhance your walk with Jesus?

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