Reflection paper

Please use this website for any guidance this is an reflection paper about the community outreach i did at  Senior Wellness Center  on Nov 13 together  with the Medical Reserve Corp. 2. start the day by organizing  rooms at the senior center 3. we set up 3 rooms ( one for taking information and registering, one for vaccination ,and  one for medication consultation 4.  I was assigned in the first room where we where welcoming and registering the seniors  5. In this room  we set up 3 tables one for taking info and register them  one for asking them pre vaccination screening question and consult form  one for  taking medication info if they are doing medication consulting.6 i was at the table where i was suppose to take medication history form the patient then escort them to the consulting room  During my time at table I encounter  on patient  were she brings all her medication about  7 medication . i was able to take  all her info down on the drug dose / how often she takes / side effect / indication…… I spend about 20 – 30 min taking down her info . this kind of interaction was my  first time  in the pharmacy school with a real patient . it was very rewarding i was able to learn lots of stuff , how to interact with  a patient how to understand , show empathy, and providing  answers to question they have …… ( the whole paper should foucs on the  education i got from the encounter)  ….then i was also helping out the other tables whewn it get busy by taking pateitn personal info and resisters them and also doing the  pre vaccination screening question and consult form  and escorting the elders to the services room .Helping the seniors is a very rewarding and essential thing i felt very happy by the experience  …………make sure the essay have intro ..body . and con….