Real Estate Valuation Methods and Approaches.

Three real estate questions, —Real Estate Valuation Methods and Approaches.
(Writing questions, total should be 1500 words, follow instruction, no plagiarism please)
You may suggest any examples of your own for applying the three real estate properties.
It can be similar but should not be the same as those examples covered during the class. You may be able to find these examples easily in the Unit 2 ppt (p.58-72, 82-84, 92).
Hence, I attached the Unit 2 PPT!
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SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 2 Introduction Social psychology involves the scientific analysis of how



Social psychology involves the scientific analysis of how social group, social influence, social perception, and attitude impact human behavior. The field is concerned with identifying the nature behind the social factors that influence the human understanding of how they are supposed to behave under various circumstances (Mitchell,2009). The study of social psychology is beneficial in daily human activities since, through understanding the social concept of psychology, people can manage stress and make decisions based on their previous behavior (Mitchell,2009). Therefore, this paper will analyze how social constructs such as social cognition, attitude and aggression, social identity, and group behavior relate to social psychology. Moreover, evaluate the theoretical influence of social psychology and the historical development of social psychology.

The theoretical influence of social psychology

Among the theoretical influences of social psychology entails cognitive and intrapersonal effects on social psychology. The cognitive effects involve human interaction based on the internal cognitive memory, individual perception, and decision making (Sullivan,2019). The concept suggests that individuals formulate ideas in their brains regarding what they understand and use their knowledge to process information


that influences their social interaction. Moreover, cultural context is a social determinant that impacts a person’s interaction within a social interaction (Sullivan,2019). Different people have varied cultural values and norms that every group member is expected to behave in a certain manner without violating the cultural customs. Therefore, individuals choose to interact in society following various forms of determinants that influence social psychology.

A brief discussion of social cognition, attitude and aggression, and social identity and group behavior

Social cognition is defined as the psychological study of how individuals learn, process, and store information based on understanding human social behavior (Frith,2008). Social cognition plays an important role in identifying a certain social group by observing and learning what the group members interact with. Besides, Frith (2008) mentions that a person develops an understanding with individuals from different groups based on their socio-cultural aspects. Moreover, social psychology, attitude and aggression are factors related to social interaction and human behavior. Brezina (2010) defines aggression as a range of hostile behaviors that tend to pose psychological or physical harm to individuals, other people, or their surrounding environment.


The interpretation of aggression varies depending on the individual, cultural and gender differences. Brezina’s (2010) findings suggest that individuals with high self-esteem tend to be aggressive whenever their status feels to protect their image. Correspondingly, attitude is the evaluation of the social surrounding involving events, perception, and values. Social values and perception (Seddig &Davidov,2018) could influence an individual’s interpretation of doing things or even reaction. Further, as Ellemers (2020) described, the concept of social identity purports that human beings are identified based on their shared similar characteristics that entail social, cultural, or biological factors such as race and gender. Individuals identify with a certain group regarding their shared behavioral interests and values, whereas a person’s sense of belonging is established in that particular group.

The historical progression of social psychology

The study of social psychology was first introduced in the late 1800s, whereas the reflection of human feelings and thoughts was majored (Bandawe,2010). The social psychologists intended to discover the behavior of the German leader Adolf Hitler regarding leadership and how leaders could influence how people behave to the extent of causing each other harm based on how their followers reacted to his orders


(Bandawe,2010). Additionally, the researchers were curious about human behaviors and aggression and human behavior concerning groups while studying intergroup conflict such as discrimination and prejudice (Bandawe,2010). Further, the development of social psychology shifted to cognitive study, and in the 21st-century, researchers focused their studies on understanding how social situations affect an individual’s moods.


The paper has analyzed the social psychological concepts based on human interaction and behavior through evaluating the theoretical notions such as cognitive and cultural understanding of social psychology. Further describing social identity, aggression, and attitude as elements that impact human behavior and the historical development of social psychology. Based on my understanding, human behavior is shaped by the social surrounding involving human interaction that facilitates learning and adapting certain behaviors. The historical development of social psychology has established certain proof that the social context is responsible for how people behave and react under various circumstances.[supanova_question]

Ethnic Studies Question

I have three pretty simple assignments due today. For the first one use the slides to answer the questions it is for a psychology class. for the second one it an ethnic studies assessment and a self assessment that goes with how you did. There is a lot of material i need to attach for this one, I will provide all the links and material to help you out. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE ASSIGNMENT CAREFULLY. I will also provide previous feedback from assessment to help you out. I cannot provide the self assessment until I turn in the assessment. I will continue providing material to help you out.

Journal Assignment This is a continuous assignment from the beginning until the

Writing Assignment Help Journal Assignment


This is a continuous assignment from the beginning until the end of the course.


Journal Assignment Basics


The journal is an assignment that runs from the beginning of the course through the end.


The purpose of the journal is for students to get additional practice in the analysis of ideas and issues.


The journal should be in a Word document. The journal should be written in weekly, and roughly one page per dated entry per week. 

Note: The journal is not a diary-like recollection of a day’s events.

These journals are to be submitted three times a semester. There are submission links for those.


Some of the prompts below can be done as an entry more than once.


Journal Prompts:


Describe the most obsolete item still in use in our society. 

When you (or if you already) have children, how permissive will you be? Explain and especially explain why.

How much information is “too much information?” Explain. 

Are grades today artificially inflated? Explain why/why not.

Animals have been historically used in all types of medical research (and cosmetic research, and more. Many feel experimentation on animals is wrong. Some do not. How do you feel about this subject? (state your position and explain why)

What should the role of technology be in education today? State your position and explain why.

Many places today, such as museums and public libraries, are strictly smoke-free. How far should the ban on smoking in public places go? State your position and explain why.

Both movies and television shows today are given ratings. How effective are these ratings? What purpose do they/should they have? State your position and explain why.

What company would you create if you had the funding? Explain! 

Is our society too competitive? State your position and explain why.

Name one thing that would improve the place where you live and explain why/how.

Describe something you learned in a class in the last seven days that you found especially helpful, clever, interesting, or new (to you).

Pick a reading from the past two weeks and explain what you about the topic of that reading BEFORE the reading and what you learned FROM the reading. 

Imagine a society where young people were not allowed to date, were segregated from the opposite sex, and relationships were arranged by parents. Explain ways in which this might be a good idea! 

Does employer-mandated employee drug testing make sense for all types of businesses? Should there be a limit to employee drug testing? Explain. 

Does the “American Dream” still exist today? Explain! And be sure to explain how/why it does/does not and how you define it either way. 

Argue for/against public schools doing away with the summer vacation and changing to a year-round schedule.

Today, cameras are everywhere. Is there too much surveillance in our society today? State your position and explain why.

Explain what kinds of behaviors are appropriate in social media and which kinds are not. 

What web sites do you visit most often and why?

Describe one thing you’d like to spend time (or spend more time) seeing or doing and why. 

There used to me magazines labeled as “men’s magazines” and magazines labeled as “women’s magazines.” Do these categories still exist today? Should they? Is there a magazine often associated with the opposite gender that you find enjoyable? Explain!

What is prewriting and why do writing instructors have students do this?

Describe an advertisement you found particularly moving, persuasive, outlandish, and/or impressive and explain why you feel that way.

What is your preferred social media outlet? Explain why.

Describe a favorite activity you enjoy and try to convince the reader that he/she should try this. 

Write for/against the legalization of marijuana.

Should companies offer maternity leave for dads as well as moms? State your position and explain why. 

Does TV violence encourage and/or promote violence? State your position and explain why. 

Some people feel cloning human beings (in any way, shape, or form) is a violation of the natural order of things. What do you think? State your position and explain why.

More and more farmers are growing/raising genetically modified crops and animals. Would you eat such modified foods? Should farmers be allowed to grow/raise genetically modified crops and animals? State your position and explain why.

Student loan debt is a major issue for current and former college students. What can be done to help financially strapped students (and former students)? Explain! 

Some people, in this country and in others, believe in “an eye for an eye” justice. Explain why this is/is not a good idea. 

Describe a change in your life that improved your life in some way (or the lives of others).

Write a few paragraphs in FAVOR OF recycling and describe your efforts to recycle.

Describe one thing you did or learned in high school that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

Which is better: Going to college right after high school or waiting a couple of years and then going to college? Explain and describe which YOU did and why.

How physically active are you? Describe, and explain, too, why being physically active is important to you and should be (and could be) important to others. 

Once, the Olympics were strictly for amateur athletes. Today that is not the case. Write a few paragraphs explaining why professional athletes SHOULD NOT be allowed to participate in the Olympics. 

From nonprofits, to churches, to homeless shelters, and more, volunteerism has been on the rise in our society. Write describing the importance of volunteering today. (Advocate FOR it)

Take something you’ve read recently, and first describe why you believe what you read. Then, describe the things you doubted as you read or afterwards. 

Describe a poem, story, novel, nonfiction work, painting, song, or film that has influenced how you see the world and/or how you see yourself.

Pick a quotation that best fits you and explain why it does (and when you realized this).

If you could spend a week doing whatever you wanted to do, what would that week be like?

Describe one person you really admire and explain why.

The journal due dates are posted in the course schedule. This is submitted online. Do not use “Google Docs” for this assignment. [supanova_question]

32. If you drop an object, its acceleration toward the ground is

32. If you drop an object, its acceleration toward the ground is 10 m/s2 . If you throw it down instead, would its acceleration after throwing be greater than 10 m/s2 ? Why or why not?

35. Consider a vertically launched projectile when air drag is negligible. When is the acceleration due to gravity greater? When ascending, at the top, or when descending? Defend your answer. 40. Two balls are released simultaneously from rest at the left end of equal-length tracks A and B as shown. Which ball reaches the end of its track first?

3. A ball is thrown straight up with an initial speed of 30 m/so How high does it go, and how long is it in the air (neglecting air resistance)?

4. A ball is thrown with enough speed straight up so that it is in the air several seconds. (a) What is the velocity ofthe ball when it reaches its highest point? (b) What is its velocity 1 s before it reaches its highest point? (c) What is the change in its velocity during this ‘l-s interval? (d) What is its velocity 1 s after it reaches its highest point? (e) What is the change in velocity during this ‘l-s interval? (f) What is the change in velocity during the 2-s interval? (Careful!) (g) What is the acceleration of the ball during any ofthese time intervals and at the moment the ball has zero velocity?

6. A car takes 10 s to go from v = 0 m/s to v = 25 m/s at approximately constant acceleration. If you wish to find the distance traveled using the equation d = ~at2 , what value should you use for a?

Problems: #3, 4, 6 (look at the homework guidelines and example below to see how to write these up)

Follow these guidelines for full credit.

Please number each question in the left-hand margin, and skip a line between each question.

You DO NOT need to re-copy the question.

For Exercises:

Answer using full sentences.

Explain the “why” of your answer using the principles of physics you have learned, even if the question does not specifically ask “why?” Be sure to answer all portions of multi-part questions.

Remember that terms like “I believe” and ” I feel” are not appropriate as a scientific explanation.

For One-Step Calculations and Problems:

Write down the formula you will use.

Write down the values you are given, including units

Plug your values in the formula and show your steps to solve the problem

State your answer, including units. (You do not need to write a full sentence).

Refer to the complete requirements including examples:[supanova_question]

Write a C++ program that does the following: Create a class called

Write a C++ program that does the following:

Create a class called Student

This class has the following private attributes:




This class has the following methods:

Default constructor

Non-default constructor that will initialize all the above attributes

Set/Get method for each of the above attributes

DisplayStudent that will print the information for the student all three values on the same line with proper spacing

Destructor method that will print a message that the object has been deleted

Your main function should do the following

Ask the user how many students to create

 Create an array of objects of type Student (studentArr)

Call a function called acceptStudentInfo.This function will accept the array along with any needed parameters to allow the user to enter the values for the different students

Call a function called displayStudentInfo. This function will accept the array along with any needed parameters to display the content of all students

Call a function called sortStudentGPA. This function will accept the array along with any needed parameters to sort the array of students based on the GPA (ascending order)

Call a function called displayStudentInfo. This function will accept the array along with any needed parameters to display the content of all students. This time the list should be sorted based on the GPA



using namespace std;

class Student{

private: //private data members

string name;

int age;

double GPA;



{ name = “XXX”; age = 0; GPA = 0.0; }

void DisplayStudent(string name, int age, double GPA);

void sortStudentGPA(string name, double GPA);

string getname()

{ return name; }

int getage()

{ return age; }

double getGPA()

{ return GPA; }


void acceptStudentinfo(string name, int age, double GPA){

cout << "Enter Student name: " ;

cin >> name;

cout << "Enter Student age: ";

cin >> age;

cout << "Enter Student GPA: ";

cin >> GPA;


void sortStudentGPA(Student[], double GPA)


int maxElement;

double index;

for (maxElement = GPA – 0.1; maxElement > 0; maxElement–)


for (index = 0; index < maxElement; index++)


if (Student[index] > Student[index + 0.1])


swap(students[index], students[index + 0.1]);





int main()


int x,a;

cout<<"how many student to create";

cin>> x;

const int students = x;

string name[students]; // Holds hours worked for 6 employees

int age[students];

double GPA[students];

int count; // Loop counter

// Input the hours worked by each employee

for (count = 0; count < x; count++)


cout << "Enter student name "

<< (count + 1) << ": ";

cin >> name[count];

cout << "Enter student age "

<< (count + 1) << ": ";

cin >> age[count];

cout << "Enter student GPA "

<< (count + 1) << ": ";

cin >> GPA[count];



for (int count = 0; count < students; count++)

cout << " \n" << name[count]<<" "<<endl;

cout << " \n" << age[count]<<" "<<endl;

cout << " \n" << GPA[count]<<" "<<endl;

cout << endl;

return 0;