PSC101 American politics

American Politics Project Assignment: Politics Overview
Remember, for all of your journal responses, you will be reviewing two articles about the same topic written from two different viewpoints. As you review the articles, you will be adding your responses to your journal document and submitting.
Follow the steps to complete your journal response assignment for Module 5.
Step 1: Review the module focus
Module Focus: Consider the role of the Politics on the topic you selected.
Step 2: Find two articles from an approved source
Find one article from each of the approved columns of sources that discuss your topic and the module focus. You will want one article from a liberal learning source and another article from a conservative learning source. Ideally, these articles will be discussing similar topics.
Approved Liberal Leaning SourcesApproved Conservative Leaning SourcesABC
The Washington Post
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
Fox News
The Washington Times
New York Post
The Federalist
News Max
Daily Caller
Step 3: Construct Your Assignment
Add to the document you have been using for each journal response and upload the newest version as your assignment for this module.
Journal Response Assignment:Provide the name of each article that relates to the module focus: Consider the role of the Politicson the topic you selected.
Include a citation for each article.
In a 250 – 300 word summary, address the following:How does each article relate to the module focus?Provide a word summary of the key points.

Compare and contrast the liberal media viewpoint vs. the conservative media viewpoint.
What do you agree with? What do you disagree with?

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