PROJECT 2 Design and implement a databse on a topic of your


Design and implement a databse on a topic of your choice with Oracle Database Express Edition. After you determine a base of your project and collect information about the project, complete your database through the following phases:

Design the database using Entity-Relationship Diagrams or UML Class Diagrams.

Create tables, perform functional dependency analysis on the original tables and then create all tables in Third Normal Form. You must document this important step.

Implement key constraint, entity integrity constraint, and referential integrity constraint on your tables, such as primary keys, foreign keys, check constraints, and not null constraints. For the relationships, please add foreign key constraints. You must document this important step.

Create PL/SQL, and Objects.

Create triggers and active elements to maintain integrity of the database and to perform appropriate actions on database updates.

Populate the database using SQL insert statements or by writing programs in Java, C#, Python, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP or any language.

Write application programs in any language. The application programs would have to implement some form of user interface.

Documents the project.


Two-page Abstract Due:- November 15th, 2021

Project 2 Presentation: – December 6th, 2021

Project 2 files & Documentation Due :- December 6th, 2021

Zip file (containing your entire database .sql file and document .docx) should be submitted via Blackboard project dropbox by December 6th.