Power point presentation camel racing

Identify a sport that is either not played in the U.S. or not played at an extensive or mainstream level. Conduct
your research and provide the following information about that sport:
– Origin of the sport
– Basic concept of the sport and main rules
– National and international governing bodies of the sport
– Regions/Countries where this sport is popular
– Participation rates around the world (and in North America, if applicable)
– Profile of participants
– Main events (particularly international events; also, if this an Olympic sport?)
– Media coverage (if applicable)
– Sponsorship support (if applicable)
– Licensed products (if applicable)
– Any other information not listed above that will help us learn more about your chosen sport.
For this project, you are asked to create a narrated PowerPoint presentation. In addition to words/sentences, your content may also include tables, graphs, photographs, short videos, and any other material you think is needed to best showcase your research on this sport. The suggested length of your presentation is between 12 and 20 slides (make sure that each slide includes substantial information, not just a sentence). You are welcome to go over the 20 slides, if it makes sense.
Once you create your PowerPoint presentation, use Screencast-o-Matic to record yourself giving the presentation from your computer. You need not include a video of yourself; your slides with the narration are sufficient. Next, upload the recording you created to YouTube and share the link to your YouTube video with everyone in the class through the assigned Discussion Forum. Instructions for using Screencast-o-Matic to

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