policy advocacy

MODULE 11: POLICY ADVOCACY Review the topics presented in chapters 13 and 14 in the textbook.Pick one of the topics (or a topic that you have chosen that has been approved by the instructor) to prepare a fact sheet on the issue and then develop a letter that could be sent to an elected official to advocate for a position related to the issue. Read: Textbook, Chapters 13 and 14
POLICY ADVOCACY LETTER Choose an elected official from Arizona and write that person a policy advocacy letter. Your choice of elected official should fit for the type of letter you are writing – that is, it should make sense why you are writing that particular elected official and be appropriate for what you are asking. You do not have to actually send the letter. Be sure to base your letter on the fact sheet you prepared for last week. Read: Slide deck under the module
Schmidt, S.W., Shelley, M.C.