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policies/grants/programs Data concerning residents home repair

Purpose: Tell a story with data that you can pass out on one sheet of paper or distribute as a document.

Knowledge/Skill: How to select data, make data talk, and visualize it using a spreadsheet application. Explain a data visualization to a lay audience.


Use the data that you have already selected for your dashboard or policy brief. You may use data presented in a peer-reviewed journal article in a table provided you type the information into a spreadsheet to re-create your own visualization.
Prepare two graphs, charts or tables using a spreadsheet application or statistical software. Do not use a pie graph.

Explain the policy relevance in a short paragraph of explanatory text that may be bulleted.
Include proper references in APA Style to all data sources and literature. The data source for each graph or table should be cited in the caption. Put references at the bottom of the page. They can be a smaller font and single spaced. They may be included as footnotes.
Give the one-pager a bold, memorable title that can fit on a bumper sticker (7 words max).
Include the logo for your organization and contact information. Make sure the fonts and colors used are consistent with your organization’s choice of fonts and colors.
Upload the document and spreadsheet into Canvas. For example, embed the Excel spreadsheet into MS Word. You may create a webpage, but you must make the underlying data available unless it is confidential. If you make the chart of graph using statistical software (e.g., SPSS, R), include the output from that application and scriipt file. Do not turn in a PDF of your document unless it is made from LaTeX and you include source code used to produce the viz and .tex file.

Criteria for Success: Please see the rubric that follows. If you miss the second or third week of class, please turn in four, rather than two static visualizations.

Static Data Visualization Rubric
Static Data Visualization Rubric
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTwo Graphs
The document contains two embedded graphs made by the student that are clickable in the document and open up the spreadsheet for editing. It is not acceptable to cut and paste static graphs, charts, or tables from other sources. It is not acceptable to send these under separate cover. If appropriate, one table may be substituted for a graph. Data presented in a peer-reviewed journal article in a table may be converted to a graph by the student. Do not use a pie graph.
1.25 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAttribution of Sources
The chart or graph has a numbered caption at the top (e.g., Figure 1: Poverty Rates by State) and at the bottom, the data source and vintage and any other explanatory material (e.g., Source: U.S. Census American Community Survey 2010-2006). Pasting a URL is NOT a sufficient reference.
1.25 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReputable source.
The chart or graph is based on data from a reputable source (e.g., U.S. Census, ISCPR, a local government). It may also be based on data published in a peer-reviewed journal article.
2.5 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStory
The data tell a story, have a purpose, and appeal to a specific consumer / audience.
2.5 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeVisual Appeal
The graphs or charts have a simple, visually appealing color scheme and layout. Fonts and margins should be appropriate.
2.5 pts
Total Points: 10

Think about the events that take place in your day-to-day life.

Think about the events that take place in your day-to-day life. Some examples might include working, picking up your kids from school, preparing dinner, attending church, spending quality time with your spouse, and so forth. Next, think about some of your daily habits. For example: Do you take long showers? Do you spend a lot of time looking at social media, watching tv, or playing video games? Consider the amount of time you spend with these events and habits and how you prioritize them.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:?

What have you learned about how you spend your time since starting class??What activities do you think you are spending too much time on??What activities require more of your time? What changes have you made in your daily routines since starting class? Consider how you have been managing stress, prioritizing activities, and managing your time. What new habits can you develop to help you achieve your educational goals and how might they help??

Same Level Surfaces Essay


Major Assignment: (1) Generate a scholarly literature review in APA format on an emerging area/topic of safety research or an area/topic of personal interest; based on this literature review, (2) develop an area/topic that needs to be further researched (e.g., there exists a problem, an issue, or gap; there is the desire to extend reviewed research) and convey this need in the form of (3) a preliminary purpose statement of a research study, research questions, and hypotheses if applicable. The information should reflect info that would be in the first two chapters of a dissertation, in particular:


looking for some type of media or news article that you believe could pose an ethical issue/dilemma in the way it was reported

Writing Assignment Help In the paragraph 2 explain if the author uses Aristotle’s Golden Mean, Kant’s Categorial Imperative, Utilitarianism, Pluralistic Theory of Value, or Communitarianism and explain which would you use Paragraph 1 – 3 points(This paragraph should detail the topic/news article/website/podcast/etc. you find there to be anethical dilemma present. There should be enough information to give the reader a fullunderstanding of what is taking place and what ethical issue is present).Paragraph 2 – 8 points(This paragraph should first explain why you believe there is an ethical dilemma present. FYIyou do not have to disagree with the way something was reported or written, you just have topresent the topic which could create an ethical dilemma depending on the way it is beingreported or disseminated).(Next, you should talk about which ethical guideline you believe the writer/reporter utilizedwhen writing or reporting and why you disagree with this guideline or agree with it. You shoulddiscuss which ethical guideline you would use from the examples we have learned. You can either discuss how you would use the same one you believe the writer/reporter used or why you would use a different one. Give specific reasons either way why and support your answers with facts and examples that the writer/reporter used throughout the story)

Brady 1 Your name Mr. Brady English II – 01 16

Brady 1
Your name
Mr. Brady
English II – 01
16 November 2021
Thesis Statement:
The three important qualities of my hero are compassion, humility, and courage
I. Compassion
A. define
B. Example – after working 12-18 hour shifts as a nurse, she spent her mornings food shopping and paying bills for the elderly shut in on the block

II. Humility

A. define

B. Example: never believed that anything she did was worthy of praise. She took care of the sick and fed the poor in the neighborhood, often spending the last dollars she had to do this

III. Courage

A. define

B. when faced with a cancer diagnosis she never used it as an excuse and proved doctors wrong when she was told she would need

this is what my outline needs to look like. my hero is my mom. shes very creative, successful, smart and beautiful. this is just an outline and i will also have to get the whole essay writeen lter on as well if youd like to take the job.

on Superpower Showdown by Bob Davis and Lingling Wei

Hello I need a 3-4 page book report on Superpower Showdown by Bob Davis and Lingling Wei. The Book report must follow the guidelines of the attached file that I am providing.

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