Please read the case “Delta / United” and Answer the Questions:

Course Learning Outcomes-Covered
Define the impact of company’s culture, structure and design can have on its organizational behavior. (CLO3)

Assignment 3
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Colquitt, J. A., LePine, J. A., [supanova_question]

Requirements GoTech is a Saudi company (located in Riyadh)

RequirementsGoTech is a Saudi company (located in Riyadh) that provides technical and digital solutions to other businesses and individuals. Its operation focuses mainly on the Saudi market, but recently it opened two offices in Egypt and Italy. Eng. Abdullah is the CEO, and there are three regional managers (in 3 different countries) and 30 employees working under their supervision.
Recently, Abdullah has been required to make vital decisions to keep GoTech running during many challenges, including new and existing competitors, rapid technology development, and Coronavirus pandemic. Consider yourself the CEO’s consultant who is required to help him put together a strategy so GoTech can not only survive but also thrive in the future.
To help you develop your Consultation Strategy Report, use the following points as a guide:
Part 1
An overview of GoTech company (0.5 marks)
Description of the type of management that GoTech follows.
Description of the challenges with that type of management.
Communication challenges
Cultural and political challenges
4.Description of the necessity for creating a virtual Risks Response Team based on Tuckman’s Team Life Cycle Model (see figure 1).
oPhases of team creation
oCriteria for choosing the team
ØWho are they, and why did you choose them?
Pros and cons of the virtual team
Description of the regional managers’ roles
What qualities must they have as leaders?
How can they motivate themselves and their team?
What digital recourses can they use to manage the team?
Part 2
Description of challenges that loom over GoTech
Existing challenges/ disasters
Potential challenges/ disasters
6.Description of GoTech resources
What are the digital and financial resources?
How can these resources be utilized?
7.Description of GoTech digital capabilities
Existing capabilities that can be strengthened
Needed capabilities that must be invested in
8.Description of the solutions
Immediate solutions (based on points 4, 6, 7, [supanova_question]


Please read the case “Delta / United” and Answer the Questions: Management Assignment Help For this assignment, you will be required to demonstrate the operation of the ProjectLibre software and analyze the uses and value of such tools to project management. The instructions to access and use ProjectLibre are provided in 3.4 Self-Study: Software Tool Familiarization and Initiation Phase. The video “Introduction to ProjectLibre” in Activity 3.4 provides appropriate procedures to complete this assignment.
Project Description
An airline maintenance organization is tasked to complete a special project. An airworthiness directive was issued by the FAA requiring certain aircraft to be inspected for possible fuel line chafing in the main fuel cell. The company has one such aircraft in operation. The company asks you to take charge of a project and complete the required inspection in 20 days or less. The aircraft cannot remain out of service for more than this time. The project will utilize a seven-day workweek.
A team meeting comprised of those who will be needed to complete the project was conducted. The team defined the project activities needed and developed estimated activity times as shown below.
Activity #Activity NameEstimated Time in DaysPredecessor Activities1A22B43C1024D615E436F847G5Use this data to populate the ProjectLibre software basic project plan. It will not be necessary to consider resource assignments. Once your plan is developed, use the menu at the top of the screen and review all the different types of reports and information this tool can provide.
Develop an audio-narrated presentation providing an overview of your project plan. Provide a screenshot or copy of your software-generated plan in the presentation. For assistance with preparing your audio-narrated presentation, view the Presentation Guide.
In your presentation, analyze the ProjectLibre output and include the following topics in your presentation:
Define the project critical path. Which activities does the critical path include? (The critical path is identified by the red bars.)
Will this project finish on time (20 days) according to the plan?
In which ways would the project manager use the project plan/schedule and critical path to manage the project?
How would the project be affected if the activity time estimates were too optimistic or too pessimistic?
How valuable do you think a software-developed project plan like this is to project managers?

Research Paper Report

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