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Please only use the following links/ attachments provided. Copy and paste

Please only use the following links/ attachments provided. Copy and paste the links. this will be a combined summary of all resourses on the following topic.

NTR 3350 Class I will send you instructions and if you

NTR 3350 Class
I will send you instructions and if you need you can log into my student portal to check some notes.

Identify an individual within one of the life cycles (pregnancy, infant, child, adolescent, adult or elderly).

Case Study Format

1. General descriiption of the subject (age, gender, grade level or educational status, employment, family structure, support group (e.g. church membership, etc.)

2. Descriiption and discussion of weight status and weight gain (if a pregnancy or child get three different ht/wt and plot on the growth chart). If an adult, obtain current weight and usual body weight and calculate BMI for each one- no growth chart.

3. Descriiption and discussion of nutrition intake and nutritional status, dietary habits, etc.

4. Evaluation and recommendations: For this part, I would recommend you utilize a free online program such as the MyFitnessPal dietary tracking application for a simple evaluation. If you choose to utilize this program, the instructions are as follows:

Go to:

o Sign up with Email for a Free Account- utilizing the age and gender of your subject.

o Click on “Food” tab at the top.

o Select the correct date of your subject’s 24-hr recall information.

o Click on Add Food under Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks to enter in the items your subject consumed that day.

o After selecting “Add Foods under the specific meal, use the search feature to look up items consumed. Click on the food closest to what you’re looking for; not all foods are listed, but try to be as accurate as possible.

§ Enter the number of servings, how much and which meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks).

§ Click “Add Food To Diary” and you should see the food/beverage item appear on a list.

When finished entering food and beverages, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “View Full Report (Printable)”

Select the date of your entry
Ensure all 4 boxes are checked in the “Show” (Food Diary, Exercise Diary, Food Notes, Exercise Notes)
Right click on document and select “print”
5. Appendix- which will contain 24-hour dietary recall, food group analysis and the computer printout of nutrient analysis.

6. Please submit your paper via Canvas on or before the due date. Late submissions are subject to point deductions. The late submission policy and grading rubric are located in your syllabus.

with Boss on my return-to-office

I am requesting a professional letter to address my superior of my concerns with returing to the office due to Covid-19 cases that have spiked in Montgomery County, MD (I have provided the Youtube video link below to give you more insight. Directly from the County Executives Marc Elrich’s mouth).

I would also like the mention of if he (my boss) is aware of any updates from the “higher ups” as to any leniency with the apprach of holidays rapidly approaching and the requirement of reporting to the office? The concern is other potential employees and peers alike possibly having exposure to more family and friends than last year due to mandates.
The (3) topics of concerns I would like addressed in the letter are:

1.) 13% increases in cases in the past week and have seen consective days in “substantial transmission” status. Which has now triggered regulations to reinstate the indoor mask mandate starting 11/20/2021.
2.) Family and friends are expected to gather for the Thanksgiving holiday in much larger numbers than last year. The concern is that peers alike are cognizant that the pandemic is not over. In addition, to making sure their guests are vaccinated, and that accomidations to space out guests and being smart and safe with Covid-19 during the holidays.
3.) I have a child who is not old enough to be vaccinated so my efforts to stay safe are also for the protection of my child’s health.

Youtube Link:

Preface This assignment requires students to demonstrate their creative thinking skills

Writing Assignment Help Preface
This assignment requires students to demonstrate their creative thinking skills to solve a problem using the structured framework of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) and a combination of divergent and convergent thinking tools and frameworks.
A descriiption of creativity that has been widely adopted is the ability to produce original ideas that solve some problem. Kaufmann (1988:88) defined a problem as ‘a discrepancy between an existing situation and a desired state of affairs’. In categorizing types of problems, Kaufmann indicated that problems range along a continuum from ‘well-structured’ to ‘ill-structured’. According to Kaufmann ill-structured problems are characterised by novelty, complexity and ambiguity. Novelty is the lack of familiarity with the situation, the goal, or the challenge; complexity relates to the number of pieces, variables and elements that must be managed in order to resolve the situation; and ambiguity when there is a high degree of uncertainty about the goal or best solution.
Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a widely used systematic process which sets out a number of steps to enhance the probability of successfully resolving such complex problems. CPS has been chosen as the foundation of this year’s course assessment because of the model’s prominence as a problem- solving method and because the model provides an excellent vehicle for students to demonstrate their mastery of the intended learning outcomes of the course which are to:
– Appreciate the value of creativity in a business context
– Use creativity techniques for business and design problem solving.

The Assignment.
This is an individual assignment.
Figure 1 is an adaptation, produced for this assignment, of the Osborn and Parnes (1953; 1967) CPS model.
The diamonds depict each step of the CPS process. This iconography represents the important balance between divergent and convergent thinking for all steps of the process. That is, each step begins with a search for many, varied and original options (divergent thinking), i.e. fluency, flexibility and originality in thought, followed by a careful culling and evaluation of the most promising alternatives (convergent thinking) i.e. screening, sorting and prioritising.
The alternating movement between divergent and convergent thinking is the hallmark of the CPS process.
In this assignment students are asked to follow the CPS model depicted in Figure 1 and alternate between divergent and convergent thinking, using relevant models at each stage to stimulate and frame their creativity, and find a creative solution to ONE of these problems:
i. A congested road bridge.
ii. Low staff morale in a delivery company delivering parcels to customers that have ordered
iii. Increasing the number of clients for packed crispy vegetables
Your work and report should address the constituent elements of the following CPS steps:
– In your own words define the problem with an objective.
– Are there any other possible definitions of it worth considering?
– What general solutions do they suggest?
– What are the important facts and factors?
1. Problem Understanding
2. Towards solving the problem
– Identify your main assumptions.
– Refine your initial understanding and statement of the problem and objective by using What?
– Why? How? When? Where? Who?
– Use Dimensional Analysis; Laddering; Boundary Examination; Decomposable Matrices or another relevant tool, or combination of tools, to create redefinitions and refinement of the problem.
– Use a lateral thinking technique such as brainstorming, Six Hats and associated techniques to stimulate fluency, flexibility and originality in thought and identify and list the possible solutions, ways forward, and courses of action.
– Decide the criteria by which solutions are to be evaluated.
– Sort and narrow down the list of feasible solutions i.e. the ones that are possible given the
resources available.
– Use one or more evaluation methods, such as an Advantage-disadvantage table; Plus/Minus/Interesting (PMI); Castle Technique; Force Field Analysis; Weighted Scoring and so on to screen, sort and prioritise the solutions.
3. Evaluate the short-listed solutions
4. Recommendation

Flowers: Local and Fair

Please only use the following links and attachments for the summary that combined everything. Copy and paste links.

speciesism, and how is it like racism and sexism? Can we morally justify treating non-human animals in ways, e.g. experimentation and factory farming, that we would think it wrong to treat humans? Why or why not?

write 4 – 6 double-spaced pages. Instead of a title, copy and paste the question you will answer! Focus on clearly explaining any relevant readings and material watched in class. You may also use the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ( Give reasons for why the author thinks what they do, and explain why you agree or disagree with them. Do not simply give your opinions. Make sure to cite the proper sources for any ideas that are not your own. Use proper grammar and spelling, and always proof read your work before handing it in. You may choose a topic not on the list, but only if you discuss it with me in advance.

Use the paper below.

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