Please look through the document attached below with instructions and prompt.

Please look through the document attached below with instructions and prompt.
Please let me know if you have any questions, and I would get back to you as soon as possible.[supanova_question]

Discussion — Discussion 6

Module 6 includes five discussion questions. Please read the instructions carefully for each question.

1. [Chapter 13] Please complete your preferred power type and share your scores. Which forms of power do you consider to be the strongest? Which type of power do you currently have in your workplace (current or previous)?

2. [Chapter 13] What was the most effective (least effective) influence tactic have you used? Please share at least “two” of your example experiences on using the influence tactics.

3. [Chapter 13] Please think about the last serious conflict you had. Which approach did you take to resolve it? Did your conflict resolution style work well?

4. [Chapter 14] “Leaders are born” or “Leaders are made”. Which statement made more sense to you? After you study the chapter content, how do you think about it?

5. [Chapter 14] Please consider the definition and characteristics of transformational leadership. Can you think of any potential “dark sides” of it? If so, what would it be?

6. (optional) Complete the Connect activities on power and influence for extra credits (5 points).


For Question 1, please use the attached file for the Preferred Power Type assessment. It includes 20 items, and detailed scoring instruction is available on p.2. Please share your scores only (e.g., expert: X.X; referent: X. X, etc.). Also, discuss which power type will be the strongest? and which power type do you currently have in the workplace (current or previous).
For Question 2, please read the textbook (pp.417-420) to check different types of influence tactics, and share your experience.
For Question 3, please share your experience of conflict resolution. Please read the textbook (pp. 423 – 425) to fully understand different conflict resolution styles.
For Questions 4 [supanova_question]

Post (Just Added): Understanding Pricing of a Stock

Finance Assignment Help Go to Mergent Online and find the pricing chart for the Kellogg Company Filter; the time period to one year and answer the three discussion post questions.[supanova_question]

the Age of Big Data

Title of Course:
Analytics in the Age of Big Data

Descriiption of Course:
Study the article below (The article is attached). Then write an essay summarizing and analyzing the concepts in the article.

Study Materials:
Read the following article: Learning Analytics in The Age of Big Data

Assignment is to write an essay of 5 to 10 pages (double-spaced) about this topic. Use proper academic format for the essay including a cover page, introduction, body, conclusion and bibliography.