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Personal Mythology StatementNovember 11,2021 Dreams and Nightmares When I was younger I

Personal Mythology StatementNovember 11,2021

Dreams and Nightmares

When I was younger I used to pray for the life that I have now, but now that I am older, I have a bigger Dream then I had before. I envision myself in a huge house with 4 luxury cars in the drive way, a place where warm weather is the usual, but not too far from a major metropolitan area. I dream for that type of setting because to me it represents financial security and a good foundation for my family. Growing up with immigrant parents and as a first generation American, a lot of pressure is put on me to be super successful. While money isn’t everything, it is a huge portion of attaining freedom in our world to live like you desire, as well as gives you power to make more opportunities for yourself and for those around you. Secondly, I envision myself married with 5 children, holidays with both sides of the family present, and everyone in matching pajamas. This is also important to me because Solidarity and unity within my family is important. Growing up in a home where my parents were divorced, I feel like there are relationship, and communication aspects I never learned from not having a two-person household. I would want that and peace for my future family and with hopes everyone gets along. Lastly, I envision waking up every day with a smile on my face, growing up I wanted to be a doctor and it was my passion however I realized there are other careers that could make me happy. While I’m not sure what that is quite yet, as long as I enjoy why I am going to work every day that’s enough for me. Again, I believe this is important as it stems from my parents working very hard in careers that they aren’t necessarily happy in just so that they could provide for me and give me the best opportunity in life. No life is worth living without being happy and being motivated besides money to get up each day.

My biggest nightmare would be if I ended up alienating myself and living in no peace as I believe family friends are such apart of whom I am, as I was grown up in a village of people and who wants to live in a life full of turmoil full of work by the devil. While I’m not very religious as it was not a big part of my upbringing, praying and living a morally good life watched over by God was stressed.

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