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Part A: Chapter 8 in the ebook, and choosing from the

Part A:
Chapter 8 in the ebook, and choosing from the list of supplemental resources, write your padlet post on one of the Latinx sub-groups, such as Mexican-Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, or Cuban Americans (or any other Latinx sub-group). I am going to leave the content of your post open. You can focus the content of your padlet post on any of topics in Chapter 8, such as ethnic or racial identity, education, immigration, health, family dynamics, etc..
Sources: (chapter 8 only) i need one reference from this link

Part B:
For your primary post, briefly explain and summarize what the key points of the learning resource. What did you learn? How is the information relevant to understanding current social problems and events today? Use atleast two sources

and illegal drugs Essay

In this unit, you have learned about organized crime and its effect on business. For this assignment, you will be further exploring this topic. First, read the following information about how legitimate business ownership may be used for money-laundering methods.
Dirty money can be added to the cash revenues of a legitimate business enterprise, particularly those that are already cash intensive, such as restaurants, bars, and rental stores. The extra money is simply added to the till. The cost for this laundering method is the tax paid on the income. With companies whose transactions are better documented, invoices can be manipulated to simulate legitimacy. A used car dealership, for example, may offer a customer a discount for paying cash, and then report the original sale price on the invoice, thus explaining the existence of the extra illicit cash. A slightly more sophisticated scheme may allow a criminal to profit twice in setting up a publicly traded front company with a legitimate commercial purpose—first from the laundered funds commingled with those generated by the business, and second by selling shares in this company to unwitting investors.
Then, compose an essay that analyzes the following issue.
What legitimate criminal justice procedures may be used to interrupt the money-laundering methods described herein?
In your answer, be sure to describe how organized crime entities use legitimate businesses as financial fronts. Also, analyze and argue your proposed procedures addressing both the positive and negative consequences of their implementation.
Your essay must be at least two pages in length not counting the title and reference page, and it should use at least two academic sources, one of which must come from the CSU Online Library. You should include an introduction and conclusion sections.
Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.

What can first-line supervisors do to help control workers’ compensation costs,

Religion and Theology Assignment Help What can first-line supervisors do to help control workers’ compensation costs, and how might they be rewarded for doing so?

Instructions Read the scenario below. You and Officer Bob are the


Read the scenario below.

You and Officer Bob are the first officers on the scene of a drug deal that went wrong. You and Officer Bob begin to canvass the area and notice a bag of money nearby. Officer Bob advises you not to photograph or tag the evidence at this time. Officer Bob calls the money “dirty street money” and actually moves the money out of view and appears to be hiding it behind a tree. You later notice Officer Bob with a backpack as he is walking toward his unmarked car. You look behind the tree and notice the money is missing. You later notice Officer Bob staring at you in a menacing way; you know in your heart that Officer Bob has taken the money and has no plans on tagging it as evidence. You know Officer Bob has a daughter in college, and his wife was just laid off from her job. He is a seven-year veteran on the police force and has met the criteria of no felony arrests.

Reflect on what you have learned in this course about multiculturalism, diversity, and ethics, and create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your responses to the questions below.

How has Officer Bob ethically rationalized keeping the money? Are there any moral or psychological theories that support this?
What ethical dilemmas do you face as a witness?
How can you justify not reporting this? How can you justify reporting this?
What would be your course of action if you were morally corrupt as well?
What if Officer Bob was the only minority in the department and has a pending Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) case against the department; would that change how you would handle this?

Your PowerPoint presentation must be at least eight slides in length and include speaker notes for each slide. The speaker notes should provide the detail and discussion of your presentation, and everything in the presentation should be in your own words. APA Style will not be required for this assignment.

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