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Organize Data

In this week’s assignment, you will complete a problem set in which you address levels of data and types of variables. Answers to the problems must be complete and written in a formal narrative language. In addition, you will write a short essay related to data privacy. Explain what it means to say, “variables must vary.”

List and define the four levels of measurement (using examples) discussed in this week’s introduction and resources. In your opinion, which one or more is the most appropriate for statistical analysis. Explain.

Compare and contrast the characteristics of continuous and discrete variables. What is a common challenge of trying to calculate statistics using discrete variables?

Identify the level of measurement for the following examples and explain why you selected the level you did for each, relying on this week’s resources for support:

Career field (e.g., accountant, production manager, etc.)

Temperature in Fahrenheit

A job satisfaction survey measured as “disagree, neutral, agree”

Total sales for a firm

Identify each of the following types of a variable (e.g., continuous versus discrete) and explain why you selected the category you did for each, relying on this week’s resources for support:

The number of workers in each department of a large organization (e.g., workers in production, sales, accounting, etc.)

The dollars of revenue earned during a fiscal year.

The number of software licenses available to employees in a firm

The average annual salary of middle managers of an organization

In teams, you will present a case study and/or research towards

In teams, you will present a case study and/or research towards a cross-border collaborative business plan for financial services and/or solutions. Be creative – for example, you may research existing companies and add innovative layers or components that create a new, informed service and/or solution that applies to both countries, or you may have a company (real or imaginary) that exists in both countries and must accomplish similar business goals, or you may have two independent companies (real or imaginary) where each is in different countries but must work together towards a common goal. The service and/or solution may live under any industry, but it must revolve around or include a financial focus. Therefore, you may explore such topics as “blockchain for banking,” crypto, NFTs, FinTech, DeFi, etc. Again, please be creative, but be accurate – you do not need to be experts or have all the answers but please back up the information and ideas that you do decide to share with cited research. The goal here is to learn more about collaborative and cross-border opportunities involving blockchain in compliance with existing country regulations. PLEASE DO THE RESEARCH ON THE COMPANY NAMED “NEO”. It is a China company. I have uploaded the parts done by my teammate. Continue from were it leftover.


Business Assignment Help I have about 6000 words written already. Literature review is done and I can flesh that one out myself, but I need help with the main body. I’m aiming at about 11,000 to 12,000 words total.

[Revision] Post-Pandemic Hospitality Sector Recovery ––– A Study of the Chinese Luxury Hotel Sector

Write Dissertation Chapter-Literature review in accordance with “proposal”. Please refer to the “writing requirements -literature review” section for the specific requirements, and a “sample” is provided in the attachment for reference. There are over 70 references required for this section, and some articles are already included in the attachment. Please ensure the professionalism of the literature source.The word count in the table is not included in the 4,500 words. Please contact me after the author has determined the number of words to be added, and I will pay according to the need.[October 30, 2021 05:18] Please modify according to “modification requirements 28.10.2021”, thank you!

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