or over chapter 2,17

You should find an article from a newspaper, magazine, or journal that relates to a concept covered in the chapters or videos. Once you find the article, write a paragraph
for each area below:
1) Article Summary
a. Clearly state the article title, author and source
b. Explain the general concepts discussed and a few specific examples
2) Communication Concept
a. State which chapter and the specific vocabulary term
b. Explain how this article connected to the vocabulary term
3) Uses and Application
a. Apply how we can use this concept in business
b. Apply how we can use this concept in our lives
The paper should be in standard form: name on paper, 11-12 point font, double-spaced
and approximately 1-2 pages in length. You must also attach the article or paste a link
to your article and submit it with your paper.
videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saXfavo1OQo
videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6-MIeRr1e8
Book: file:///Users/paigedavila/Downloads/Business-Communication-for-Success-1614013856 (2).pdf[supanova_question]

#2 Discussion Forum #2

Using questions from the textbook on pages 108 and 109, respond to the following three prompts. Also, you must respond to one other classmates response.

How does my cultural background influence my expectations of and interactions with parents?
How is the dominant culture represented in our curriculum, including textbooks and curriculum materials? Are other cultures reflected positively in our curriculum?
How do our cultural beliefs affect the school’s disciplinary practices?

I have attached the pages below.[supanova_question]

slides: 1) introduction 2) STP analysis (segmenting, targeting, positioning) 3)marketing mix

1) introduction
2) STP analysis (segmenting, targeting, positioning)
3)marketing mix 1/2 : product, price, place
4) marketing mix 2/2 : promotion, people, process, physical evidence[supanova_question]

I need help revising and adding additional info. Needs to read Essay

Writing Assignment Help I need help revising and adding additional info. Needs to read more as an APA 7 formatted essay. I chose a topic and wrote an essay on the background, evolution, and importance of the topic to military heritage. **My topic is Cybersecurity in the Navy.** I used the following to help guide me in writing my topic.
*Background – State the factual account of the ship, station, battle, individual, custom, policy, process, procedure, or historical event surrounding the topic. This main point should cover all the information that a reader requires to increase awareness and establish a clear origin on the topic. Explain concepts, terms, theories, or ideas that may be unfamiliar and need additional explanation for a clear foundation of understanding.
*Evolution – Explain how the topic has evolved over time. Changes, modifications, additions, process adjustments, program creations, or any progress that resulted from a specific event. Ensure to maintain a proper sequence of events/changes to effectively explain how the topic become a part of or impacts current operations.
*Importance – Explain why this topic is an important part of military heritage and current operations.[supanova_question]

or obstacle I encountered and what I did to over come it

This is my personal essay for college. I’d like to know where I’m weak and what you think I should change in order to strengthen my essay[supanova_question]

write a 2 paragraph speech for a local park clean up Essay

write a 2 paragraph speech for a local park clean up
Use at least 1 of the terms we covered so far including but not limited to the aformention document. (Shown below)
Tropes include:
Pun Hyperbole Paradox
Metaphor Litotes Onomatopoeia
Simile Synecdoche Rhetorical Question
Personification Metonymy Apostrophe
Irony Oxymoron Euphemism

Schemes include:
Balance—parallelism, chiasmus, climax, antithesis, zeugma
Word Order—anastrophe
Addition—apposition, parenthesis
Repetition—polysyndenton, epanalepsis, epistrophe, anaphora
Sound—alliteration, assonance, consonance
Please make sure to focus on your Rhetoical Appeals and use one of the following: ethos, pathos and logos in your speech.
Please Follow this rubric!! Overall Persuasion Element
2 Paragraphs loaded with fantastic rhetorical terms and devices, as well as clear focus using ethos, pathos or logos throughout speech![supanova_question]