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opic 3: Time to Graduate from the Electoral College? The Electoral

opic 3: Time to Graduate from the Electoral College?

The Electoral College is a topic that inspires confusion and controversy. Many people know that the Electoral College is part of the Presidential election process but many do not understand how it works, why it is used, or whether it still serves a purpose.

The origins of the Electoral College date back to our country’s founding. Deciding the process for electing a U.S. President was a controversial topic. Some suggested that Congress should choose the President. Others argued that it should be a democratic vote by the people. The compromise was the Electoral College, which has been in effect ever since and enshrined in Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

Under the current system, a candidate can win the presidency without winning the popular vote, another consequence is that it influences how and where candidates campaign. There have been five times in U.S. history when the candidate who won the Electoral College did not win the popular vote. It happened in 1824, 1876, 1888, and in the last two out of five Presidential elections (in 2000 won by George W. Bush and 2016 won by Donald Trump).
But what do you think?

QUESTION TO ANSWER: Are you in favor of keeping or getting rid of the Electoral College? Support your argument with evidence.


NOTE: These resources CANNOT be the only sources you cite in your essay.

The Lowdown: Time to Graduate from the Electoral College? (Links to an external site.)
VIDEO: This Proposal Calls for Popular Vote to Determine a Winner (PBS NewsHour, 7:04) (Links to an external site.)
Interactive Constitution: U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clauses 2 and 3 (Links to an external site.).


Trump a neo-conservative? Use specific examples of policies he endorses as evidence for your argument.

You must use at least five books or articles, including one reference from a scholarly journal of the last five years.

I’ve attached scholar sources and article. (Source 4-6 are a link) If you’d like to add sources and/or find something better, You’re welcome to do so.

I’ve also attached the instruction in the file below, Please read thorough clearly. Thank you.

Climatic Factors in Rise of the Chinese Despotic State

Political Science Assignment Help Write an analytical paper following my research proposal document and the sources. An analytical paper can be further classified into “descriptive” and “explanatory.” Your paper can be either a descriptive or explanatory analytical paper. Both require you to explain something. If you describe changes of institutions, patterns of behavior, or policies, you are not simply describing them for nothing, but for explaining something. A paper that merely reports what others have said or describes something will give you neither psychic satisfaction nor a good grade. Your task is not merely to assemble facts, but to interpret or explain the facts. USE THE SOURCES FROM MY PROPOSAL DOC, NOT FROM OUTSIDE.

I have already started the response up until page 4 of

I have already started the response up until page 4 of the reading, I would like to please continue the summary, and mentions the strengths of the reading with examples. And then write the reflection part, why it’s interesting with examples, in the reflection please focus on how Qatar has corona risen in the aid field, and how perhaps this indicates a brighter future for the country and raises patriotism.

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