of social media monitoring within background checks for prospective employees

Utilizing an objective stance, you will identify your perspective of the subject. Research the subject and include past and current cases, precedent, current public and business owner’s perspectives, and any statistical information from a business point of view. You will need to reference the course readings and any external sources that you may find. You will use your research to identify the effect (s) of the topic on the industry and construct a persuasive argument of why or why not the identified effect(s) are a benefit or a hindrance.

You should try to do at least one interview. There is a whole nation of managers and operators that are just a phone call away, as well as legal professionals. Corporate offices can be approached as well. A transcriipt of the interview is not required. Reference the interview in writing supporting one of your points. Remember to use APA formatting for referencing correctly. To cite personal communication, you will use the following format, (J. Doe, personal communication, Jan. 1, 2001). You will not provide a reference entry for the interview.