Northern Flying Squirrel Essay

The first part is the annotated bibliography. An annotation is a summary and evaluation, and your annotated bibliography will include a summary and evaluation of some of the sources (or references) you will use for your presentation.[supanova_question]

See the attached document Choose one post from any of your

See the attached document

Choose one post from any of your classmates that have completed an activity different than
the one completed by you.
2. You are expected to evaluate and find errors in your classmates’ posts. Then, you must
constructively criticize their work by writing the edited (corrected) version that clarifies the
discussed concepts; fixing and clarifying any inaccuracy(es) you have read, heard, or watched in
their posts. These follow-up posts must be sincere but respectful, thought-provoking, and
supported by evidence from reliable sources (no Wikipedia).
3. Please refrain from posting vague comments lacking any helpful feedback or simply
complimenting their work (good job in this, I love that, this is very helpful, etc.) These types of
comments earn few to NO points.
4. Comments/replies that do not identify AND fix inaccurate content in your classmates’ posts, will
earn fewer points.
5. If you don’t identify any error in their posts (rare), you are expected to collaborate by adding
evidence-based information that is related to the content covered in this module, that is either
missing or can complement their posts; and can help the class by clarifying difficult concepts and
enriching the learning environment (clinical applications, other ways to explain a specific
concept, etc.)
6. As the questions/activities get answered in the forum, you are expected to add new facts to the
discussion or post some questions related to the topic. Don’t be repetitive. The purpose of these
forums is to help each other learning the course content and how to use it.


Genetic Disorder Research

Biology Assignment Help There is a list of Genetic Disorders in the attached documents. Pick 1 to write about, according to the rubric/guidelines. Try to answer all questions in the attached rubric. Journal articles for most sources. Please follow the guidelines. Thank you so much![supanova_question]


FIND A SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE AND WRITE A 200-350 WORD SUMMARY. In the summary, you must cite the article by title and author’s name or provide the link to the article if you used an online article in order to receive credit.

Please post the word count at the end.[supanova_question]