MSc Business Psychology Dissertation Title: The influence of Emotional Intelligence on seafarer’s safety behaviours.

Chapter: Dissertation Introduction

Service: RewritingTo clarify, I have completed my introduction section and my supervisor came back with a feedback. Introduction should therefore be rewritten to address the comments and suggestions made by my supervisor. According to the feedback received, the paper seems to be at a good level already. Please make sure you action the feedback appropriately.Would be more than happy to help and communicate with the writer throughout the whole process.Thanks very much.[supanova_question]

Motivational Interviewing is better “tried” than “described”

* For this week’s initial post, discuss the following (about a good paragraph on each bullet):

* and then look at chapter 2 of the Miller [supanova_question]

This paper is about the predictors of gun use. I have

Psychology Assignment Help This paper is about the predictors of gun use. I have completed the proposal and the statistics and need help drafting the results section.[supanova_question]

Termination with Families and Group

Post a comparison of the termination process between treatment groups and family sessions. Explain how you would evaluate readiness to terminate group and family treatment, identifying similarities and differences between the evaluation of the two types of treatment. Describe the techniques you would use to terminate a treatment group and how these may be the same or different than the techniques you would use to terminate a family intervention.Resources:

Toseland, R. W., [supanova_question]