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Most elderly people experience pain in their feet or back. This is

Most elderly people experience pain in their feet or back. This is why they use crutches to allow them to walk and support themselves.

But the problem that elderly people face is that they hold on to the crutch for a long time. As a result, when they go anywhere, that crutch may fall off them or get lost. Nobody can help them when this happens.

As a result, we came up with a solution to this problem, which is to put a chair with a small hook to fix the crutch. This is for the convenience of the user and not to hold the crutch for a long time or not to put it in the ground. Therefore, the crutch is put into the hook to avoid theft, etc.

When our society suffers from a problem, a solution to that problem must be found. In this sense, the elderly in our society suffer from this problem. This is clear from the many issues and these issues are discussed and selected for by entrepreneurship. I am not saying that you should adopt our idea. However, you must think for the sake of the community members, you must take care of the safety of community members (the elderly) first.

The chair we made helps the elderly stay self-reliant and avoid falling off their crutches. The walking aid (crutch) should remain in the hook when you are in the chair and learn how to use it safely so as not to injure yourself.

As for the budget issue, the initial cost of the project is 100 dirhams. The time required to implement the idea and make the chair with a hook takes three months. The chairs are shipped to the designated places, for example, some places: (hospitals, waiting for buses, etc.).

Wherever the elderly with chronic diseases go, they can benefit from a chair with hooks that prevents them from being hurt due to crises, and may also relieve them of the back pain they suffer from.

The chair is designed with a hook to help balance and lift the load off the legs and lower body. These can also be helpful for older adults with an unsteady gait.

Once the person gets up from the first seat and sits on the second seat, the chair will be cleaned as quickly as possible (for everyone’s safety, cleaning comes first).

Ideas should be adopted that may help solve many problems that people suffer from, such as our idea that solves most of the problems of the elderly with their crutches.

Category to be funded

Amount (AED)


A chair with hook

500 AED

Complete project development stage


100 AED

1 Month

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