MathLab Question

Hi there! So I really really need your help. I can’t figure out how to do this and it is due in EXACTLY 24 hours! Well more like 23 hours. I need help making a chart of animal population growth in Excel as well as a similar chart in MATLAB. For the MATLAB portion, you will need to find the mean and standard deviation of the population growth of these animals AND make a chart for that growth. The data file for the MATLAB portion involves interpreting columns of animal population growth data. All of the instructions are in “class 21 instructions 1” and “2”.
***You can keep the Excel file in an excel file, the MATLAB part in a .m file and the concept map can be an image***

Mathematics Question

Due: DEC 2
Please see the file first, make sure you can solve them and finish them on time.
I need a B for this work.
I will provide notes and textbook after I confirm you
I will send you a message before I confirm you, please check it.

Matlab question about Backward Euler method

MathLab Question Mathematics Assignment Help Use an implicit Euler method to trace cell concentration (in cells per mL) over time given
an initial cell concentration and time step size (in hours). You may take the equation
constants to be y = le-1 and ka = le-6 (you may also assume that these constants are
appropriate for all of the stated units).
Recall that solving an implicit Euler equation
requires solving a non-linear equation. You may do this analytically or using a non-linear
solution method of your choice (such as the Newton method).

Write a conclusion of approximately 250 words wrapping up your main Essay

Write a conclusion of approximately 250 words wrapping up your main take-a-ways from your proposal. Be sure to leave a lasting impression as to why this is a great idea and how it will contribute to the company’s “bottom line” and shareholder wealth![supanova_question]