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Assignment No 3: Case Study
Learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate the ability to formulate marketing strategies that incorporate psychological and sociological factors which influence consumer’s decision. (Lo-3)
2. Develop critical and analytical thinking necessary to overcome challenges and issues of marketing in the changing global environment. (Lo- 4)

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Please answer the following questions about fast fashion in a paragraph: What is the practical relevance of the trend Essay

Please answer the following questions about fast fashion in a paragraph:
What is the practical relevance of the trend (market size, economic weight, competitive environment…)?
To whom does the trend pertain? (Consumer profiles based on personality traits, demographics…)
What factors are more likely to affect the manifestation of the trend (i.e., making the trend stronger, weaker, flip over)?

IMPORTANT: Only use the journals listed in the image attached as sources!![supanova_question]

Marketing Audit

Marketing Question Marketing Assignment Help This is the section of the Audit that I am responsible for.
II. Marketing Strategy Audit
A. Business Mission Is the business mission clearly stated in market-orientated terms? Is it feasible? B. Marketing Objectives and Goals Are the company and marketing objectives and goals stated clearly enough to guide marketing planning and performance measurement? Are the marketing objectives appropriate, given the company’s competitive position, resources, and opportunities? C. Strategy Has the management articulated a clear marketing strategy for achieving its marketing objectives? Is the strategy convincing? Is the strategy appropriate to the stage of the product life cycle, competitor’s strategies, and the state of the economy? Is the company using the best basis for market segmentation? Does it have clear criteria for rating the segments and choosing the best ones? Has it developed accurate profiles of each target segment? Has the company developed an effective positioning and marketing mix for each target segment? Are marketing resources allocated optimally to the major elements of the marketing mix? Are enough resources or too many resources budgeted to accomplish the marketing objectives?
III. Marketing Organization Audit A. Formal Structure Does the marketing vice president or CMO have adequate authority and responsibility for company activities that affect customers’ satisfaction? Are the marketing activities optimally structured along functional, product segment, end-user, and geographical lines? B. Functional Efficiency Are there good communication and working relations between marketing and sales? Is the product-management system working effectively? Are product managers able to plan profits or only sales volume? Are there any groups in marketing that need more training, motivation, supervision or evaluation? C. Interface Efficiency Are there any problems between marketing and manufacturing, R[supanova_question]

It is case study that has questions

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