MARKETING 337 SCENARIO 5 — FASTENAL Your Position You are a new



Your Position

You are a new sales representative for Fastenal Company, a leading national supplier of industrial and construction supplies. You are based out of the Flagstaff, AZ store. You recently finished your Sales Trainee training program consisting of on-line and instructor-led courses spread throughout your first 3 months of employment. You feel like you are getting comfortable with your new job, the branch computer systems, customer service, and basic product knowledge in the industrial marketplace. You’ve realized that you don’t need to be an expert in every product, but you must be very good with sourcing products and customer service. You have started doing some sales prospecting in your local market, making some cold calls, and have also started servicing a small number of existing accounts.

The Situation

You are calling on a potential new account and the Company President has asked you to give an overview of the Fastenal “FAST Solutions” product line and what the advantages are of using Fast Solutions.

Call Objective

Your call objective is to provide an overview of the FAST Solutions product line. As an outcome you want to get the company president to agree to a more formal presentation within the next two weeks.